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  1. I believe that there is no competitors nowadays to make better or amount ! Every song on this record is a work of silversmith. I recommend the cd version : the sound is there enormous.

  2. I read on the suntrip website : "CD Copies pressed : 1000"


    Only 1000 copies for this Masterpiece ?


    It's a joke ?

  3. Vangelis - Desolation Path


    It just gets to me every time.

    Vangelis made this for Blade Runner but it wasn't used in the film. For sure it's one of his greatest tracks, but he didn't release it until 26 years later. :wacko:


    Excellent track !

    Incredible track !

  4. nothing like this has been made before... This is simply unique, nobody ever made a cd in this style...

    That's it !


    RAAAAAAAAAA forever !

  5. just receive the album ...


    the solo on song 5 "Ultima Energica" at the end is totaly incredible ! (from 6:32 ...to the end).


    never heard that kind of compo before

  6. allo ? hey !? ... is there anybody here to speak about this wonderfull comp ? !!! :(


    Our goal is to bring the old vibes back to the new century and not bringing something new

    Your job on "Lost_in_Paradise" and "Ataraxia" and "Southern Oracle" is purely magic !

    Renew this kind of old school goa style to produce new frank melodies that worth something * is a very very difficult art.


    (... nobody see it, but i prostrate at the same i write this ... :rolleyes: )





    * i don't forget the beautifull work on the sounds too !

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