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DJ Celteric has been mixing since 1996, specializing in dark psy-trance, full-on psychedelic trance & progressive psytrance.


"I experienced my first psychedelic trance party in Germany back in 1996, witnessing at work DJ legends Antaro, Cosmix and Mark V.D.Vlugt. Within the same year, I had my hands on my first set of turntables and with a few records already in my bag, I started mixing... I haven't stopped ever since."


Taking inspiration in some of his previous musical influences, DJ Celteric became first known in the late 1990's for his dark and aggressive psy-trance style. Over the years, he expanded his style with full-on psychedelic and deep progressive vibes, covering the distinctive genres that fit the mood of any psychedelic dance-floor crowd nowadays.

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