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  1. "If artists think of their tracks as their children, is remixing a track from someone else like spanking someone else's kid?"....hahaha...you crack me up man. your reviews make me forget all the worries( on point yet sarcastically good). good quality tune picks too. alright, this should pump you up:)....keep 'em comin and us rollicking!

  2. It is so sad that so much of what people think is DnB comes from the likes of Aphodite.

    99.9% of DnB was never released on anything but white-label, small-release vinyl unfortunately so unless you went to a rave where dedicated DJ's were spinning you won't know how good it can be.

    Cybernetica is definitely not the best DnB, but he isn't crap either so it sounds like a revolution to the majority of listeners.

    I wish someone would collect all those great DnB classics and release them digitally so that they won't fade into obscurity in a bin of dusty, scratched vinyl.


    edrush n optical/omni trio/domnroland/capone/grooveridah/ramtrilogy/guardians of dalliance/ezrollerz/total science/accidental heroes/moving fusion/rsize/boomerang/carlito&addiction/hype/LTJB all the way...still have 'em on cd format for archive purposes.
  3. he made wonderful tracks long ago and makes me think that horrible saying is true: only the good sell out


    look at all the other projects; infected mushroom, astral projection, psysex, sesto sento, gataka, electro sun, ... all who had killer music before in the isra scene went on to big bucks and cheesefesting


    so i would like to devise a new saying: MAKE CHEESE FROM THE BEGINNING AND SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE :P


    Does israeli cheese go bad quick due to weather?
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