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  1. I watched the movie two times and I read the book. :)

    It's a very good movie! (It's a Belgian one BTW)


    Can't say it better!


    @ Rotwang: Imdb "Three handicapped losers who form a band ask famous writer Dries to be their drummer. He joins the band and starts manipulating them. "



    How was the book? Much better then the movie?


    I watched recently De helaasheid der dingen. Also belgian, also brilliant. But not that bloody.

  2. IMO you guys are stoopid watching these preview trailers. It fucks up the surpirse effect of a movie. Especially when they have the need to explain the fucking plot in the trailer. It's dangres watching these things .. Same with reading behind the cover of a film.


    these things are best totally unseen and unknown.




    I agree. Good, that I didnt watched the "Män som hatar kvinnor" Trailer. I would be totally pissed off.

    But I have to say that the Trailer of Kelly Reichardts newest flick "Wendy and Lucy" is one of the well done made. Doesnt spoil the story too much. You just get a short view what its about, and thats all :D

  3. GEEEEEEEEE, this was one of the worst movies that I watched recently.....I was fuckin annoyed and it was so goddammmmn unrealistic. Okay, Independence Day and all the other Alien movies are also unrealistic (really?) but this one....I dont know...

    C`mon, whats so great about this flick? Did I missed smt?

  4. Nah, c`mon Judd Apatow movies are a fun thing to watch. I laughed my ass off to Superbad and this one movie with Katherine Heigl, where she got pregnant and stuff. Though I havent watched the rest of his movies.

    But I ahve to admit that Forgetting Sarah Marshall wasnt thaaaat funny. It had some good laughs. but Superbad for example was much better.

  5. Anybody seen it?


    Ive seen it couple of days ago and I have to say its an awesome movie. I laughed my ass off.


    What ist it about?


    2 killers making "holidays" in Bruges, shortly after one of them has killed a kid. One of them enjoys the city while the other one (Colin Farrell) is hooking up with an "actress" that sells drugs and is robbing tourists out.


    "You`re bunch of Elephants." XDDD

  6. This is a really good thing.

    Boom is The leading psytrance/artistic/spiritual gathering in the world, in my opinion !

    Anyways, they always have really high quality line-ups anyways, and the fact that they don't announce the line-up early, makes the party 1000 times better, because it doesn't get commercial vibe..

    People that go to Boom don't care that much about the line-up, because they go there to gather, to share, to be one with everybody else, and not to see all the biggest live acts in the same party.. If one want to see those crazy line-ups, he would be better at Full moon and such, but for people looking for a changing experience, for a place where he can learn/share and change his life, then Boom is the place ! :-)

    It totally worth the trip !

    I went in 2006, and i'm gonna be there in 2008 again for sure ! This event changed my life !



    The Voov also doesn`t announce their line-up.


    But well, Boom also kinda changed my life and I`m also planning to go there next year!

  7. what about "regular spammer" ? or maybe hmmmm "spamRus" or maybe "regerized"!! :) I dont know, maybe it would be funny with some kind of group for people with a lot of posts, YOU come up with a name, and maybe we will consider it? :)

    Infected with regeritis

  8. Don't do it MC. I don't want you to take a long break :(


    I need a break. Urgently. I wanna have more time for school and myself.


    Maybe I will just pop up twice a week or so. But not anymore every day for hours and hours.


    Renz, it must be now 5:03! Not 6:03, you gotta turn back the clocks today for one hour!

  9. cmon you can do it :clapping:

    No. Too tired. Besides that there is no thread left that interests me. So I guess I make the 20 remained posts in 10 hours or so. Btw it`s now 5:03, isn`t it? Zeitverschiebung

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