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  1. I think we all have a love Fluffy's lap, if you know what I mean. :)

  2. What a beautiful cat you have. Really very lovely.

  3. Around but seldom voiced. :(

  4. You don't frequent pienews enough anymore for my liking, choks. :(

  5. Hello miss short cut :)

  6. Knock * Knock*

    Who's there?

    The Exterminator!

    The Exterminator who?

    i'll be back! (it's lame, never quite understood Knock *

    knock Jokes...)

  7. I see you also have a reger/charlie problem in your comment box.. you tried calling the exterminators?

  8. Inner peace, huh? That old elusive chestnut.

  9. How's the delightful choks been recently?

  10. Why, regenald, do you still have only 4 stars? I think the fifth might still be up your bottom where you left it. How's that for anus talk, sukre? :D

  11. chokuro


    just got home from a'dam. what a city ... and what a pity i didn't have time to look around definately going back : )
  12. stop talking about anuses in other people profiles charles. and why i still have 4 stars?

  13. Anthurium you say? Ahh. Fine memory you have there, chokuro. :o)

  14. Yeah, it's not my fault people hate you. I only have 4 stars too. The real concren is who here hates us enough to steal our stars? Bastards.

  15. for some reason it does everything xcept the most important: give sound. Anyone any idea how in heaven's name i turn on the sound? Ahh and beware of formal music-talk, since i'm a complete noob (i will however let the conversation be guided by fluff from the moment he's back) (so i finally will try to put emotion into sound, but like this it won't happen soon)
  16. curse you charles, for i have 4 star rating only! you fukin villain..

  17. I just rated you 5 and now you're back up to 5 stars. You can thank me by sending me cookies if you like. :D

  18. I know. It's disheartening knowing there are psynews members who dislike, no, loathe us and take our stars away. Curse them.

  19. somebody stole one of my stars T_T

  20. so...........when is your blandianiaan hell finished? ^_^

  21. Glad to hear your knee is getting better. ;)

  22. LOL. No. But if I do you'll be one of the first to know. How's the ankle?

  23. No, I hope your foot and your laptop are fine. :D

  24. Any videos on YouTube yet?

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