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  1. oook. so basically only the hope is left that you (psynews.org) is taking care and preserves a copy of our offtopic outputs.

    for now that's really easy peacy for me ....


    i'm open for input .... preferred in german or english language (?literally?)


    http://www.plutocracycaust.com .. there is a contact form.


    and don't forget: be aware of the unconscious consciousness :ph34r: :posford: [respect the young and enjoy the old]




    AND FOR ALL THE REST, here's a good read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship

  2. peeps, read the thread. stop complaining. it aint coming back, thats it.


    hello old fellow beer-man ....


    ONE SINGLE QUESTION: Is there the slightest possibility that a different site than psynews.org can optain a copy of the OFFTOPIC and host it on its own?


    i desperatly need an answer on this question! i'd like to host it ... and i'm sure others as well.

  3. I am sorry if my review wasn't good enough for anyone around here to get it. :unsure::D

    dont't know ... but this album is for sure the most beautiful and vivid. can't compare it.

    it is way more resolute than any other ambient/chillout i know. it doesnt draws an other strange world or a dreamy film like many other ambient. it is native powerful and still very dreamy!



  4. eemm a simple request...(to me at least), can u put off topic back as read only?


    theres lots of threads that made part of what psynews actually was, and while taking in consideration all the facts that lead to the actions taken by the mods, they (the threads) deserve some sort of "respect" by letting us read them from time to time and remember )))


    and many non off topic stuff were said in the off topic , so another reason to want to access it


    and a really utopic request would be to resuscitate the entertaining thread.....pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase??? :)


    are you pervert? shame on you and your ideas! :P

  5. mayeb this:

    Moksha - Activate Your Merkabah - Caleido


    "We aren’t gonna march with any weapons … we aren’t gonna march with bricks or bottles. We’re gonna march with something more powerful than all of that. We’re gonna march with the force of our souls."

  6. perfect ambient trip. excellent on your stereo (not as well on headphones).

    how many times this cd got me into dreams! i felt away in this rich ambient excess.

    soberly or stoned this music fits! it's a concept album ...listen it from beginning to end.


    you should order it directly from http://www.banco.co.uk/

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