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  1. :lol: this thread is quite funny... any way... what were you all expecting? Please give some details... I"m sure for Mr Bluetech the music is very deep and meaningful, and that is what counts, just because it isn't deep and meaningful for you doesn;t mean it is crap music... it wipes the floor of his last two albums, very well progressed and inspiring... spun in a chill out set over the weekend and it went down very well sunday evening closing set...




    imo bluetech tried to get an warmer style but he failed and the result is a faceless album without any climaxes and no soul. a big step back compared to his previous two albums. the music sounds cold and too digital.

  2. i was assuming this would be my easy top of 2005 but its easily the biggest disappointment.




    feel the same, the album is quite uninspired and a big disappointment.

    dont know how bluetech could produce such meaningless stuff after

    the first two album which were very good.

  3. i dont like the album at all! the previous one is much better and warmer!

    obviously bluetech tried to get an warmer stlye with this album (becoz all said his stuff sounds no warm enough) but the result is imo the opposite. after listening to the album i felt quite bored and imo its not a step forward. the sounds and strutures of the trax are faceless and quite boring, the atmosphere of the trax is too melancholic and sad for me, sorry. same with the cover artwork .


    i prefer more the first release, elementary particles which is a masterpiece!

  4. dudes, wheres the raja ram bash thread? he MADE that new cover art expecting us to bash it for years to come!!!


    yahel's artwork looks cool and artistic compared to raja...




    its funny that the people who wants to be the most mind-open ones are the less ones. you´re all want to be soooooooo mind-open and psychedelic that that you even not realize that you´re actually the most small minded. tolerance! sorry for that, but its fact when i read all the comments here. :lol:

  5. And besides ... the album is somewhat of a joke in my eyes ... wtf only 3 new Entheogenic traks and the rest remixes? I mean, there's nothing bad about remixes, but in my eyes remixes by other artists should not be on an album of another artist, know what I mean ... I mean, if Vibrasphere or Ott remixed a track then it's nice and stuff, but it has nothing to do on an Entheogenic album, because it's not Entheogenic's work, it's Vibrasphere's or Ott's! That's a joke in my eyes, seriously ... I even found the concept of AP's Ten better because there were ONLY remixes on that one!



    you´re suffering under typical german pessimism ... god bless you!



    The three new tracks should have been released as MCD in my eyes ... digipak, limited to 350 copies, hand numbered ...



    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  6. hi. i am supermoni and i kick ass. i am killargh and i can do the 3 things at the same time. actually 4. cause i will even take a picture of myself while doing those.





    great, supermoni ... dont forget me to send the picture! i´m really curious about how does it looks :)



    shall we go have a beer now?




    for sure, fosters or german beer? where is womania, be prepared i´m coming! :P

  7. the woman on the cover is too much a "pose". it's not her fault, she's just standing there innocently. actually, she looks like she has no idea what she's doing on that cover.





    your a funny sweetie :lol:


    what else shall she do on the cover, balancing a ball on her nose? preparing a spliff or zapping tv?


    she´s holding the microphone ... she´s communicating ! ... in the moment in the passive way because the 2nd women behind with the megaphone is active talking.


    but my congrats to you if youre able for multitasking and doing all three things mentioned above plus listening to a conversation to the same time! :lol:


    btw, if you can .... can you send me a photo of the situation? :lol:

  8. True my butt. this is a beautiful cover, and (we agree here i think) the music is amazing!

    edit: They could have left the girl out of the picture. But as a cover art picture, i really like it. the flower does the magic I think.



    seems that you all here still didnt understand the story of the cover ... i ask my self is it just lack of imagination or is it lack of intelligence?


    1. the flower is not a flower, its a megaphon with a blossom on the end

    megaphone = speaker ... = dialogue of the speakers.


    2. in the background a 2nd women with a megaphon is to see, that gives the impression that they communicate together ... = dialogue of the speakers.


    3. since a megaphon nowadays does not fly in the air around by itself its hold by the women. btw, the women is not just a women, she is the person who is mentioned in the story inside the booklet.



    seems the story of the cover is too complex for some of you?



    its not too difficult! :D

  9. Is it true?


    When I was at Fullmoon Festival '05 in Germany I've bought some CD's at Spirit Zone's shop. The price of one CD was 6 Euro, while 4 CD's were avaiable for the price of 20 Euro. I was more than happy to see such a discount (I've bought myself f.e. some old Space Tribe albums, "Noosphere - Aqua", "Shiva Chandra - Subsonic", "Element - Full Moon" etc.), when the guy who sold the CD's told me that "the label is closing down". At first I didn't believe that and forgot all about it, enjoying my shoping spree. After I came back home from the festival I started to think whether the guy was right all along... After all many artists who were the primary rooster of Spirit Zone are long gone from their mother-label. Space Tribe has his own label called Space Tribe Music, the new Electric Universe album is said to be released somewhere else than S.Z. and another S.Z. old-timer (Shiva Chandra) is releasing his album called "Change Of Air" on Sinn Tec Records. What is more, I've heard a rumour that Antaro is not interested in the label anymore. Last but not least, I've checked the label's website www.spiritzone.de and it's not working.


    Can someone confirm or deny my "what if's"? Blue Room Released, Flying Rhino, Matsuri Productions, Transient Records... All of them being great and legendary labels... Are we seeing another one biting the dust?




    yes, the label closed down and is not longer existing because of financial reasons caused by a distribution which went bankrupt!

  10. My original reply was mainly about the Buckle Up cover, since that was the cover I nicked "stupid cover of the week", you however, seem to be talking about the Entheogenic cover...






    the sentence "It's not refreshing to use naked or semi-naked women on covers since the product has absolutely nothing to do with that. It's a down right pathetic and obsolete way of marketing." you answered to lawrencetaylors statement about the entheogenic cover. also your sentence "It's not refreshing to use naked or semi-naked women on covers since the product has absolutely nothing to do with that." gives me the impression that you meant the cover.


    i just wondered about that someone could find that sexistic.





    but if you meant with " I hardly doubt that any inlay text could save that cover" the buckle up cover then its really a missunderstanding coz i think also even the best text cannot save the cover :lol:

  11. The fact that you ask me if I'm gay, catholic or "a fucking transvestite" because I find it pathetic to use naked women to advertise an album really says it all.

    The cover contains tits and asses. I've already explained why I think it's wrong, see previous posts.


    Please remember to post the inlay text.




    i can see no ass and to single tit on the cover, where please you see that?

  12. Yes, women are so beautiful, but we see them in life non stop, like them, we don't need them on the covers of trance albums ! There are heaps of music covers like that, IN POP WORLD ! We don't need poppy ideas in trance especially when trance itself TURNED pop..


    Give us a break with those STR8 'wisdoms'...You still can't call someone a gay or transvestite cause he doesn't like the covers with women that were actually presented as sluts, I find it more str8 of him not liking it than you defending their degradation thorugh covers...GROW UP chilly... <_<



    when you say "covers with women that were actually presented as sluts"

    ..... where is for you the difference/definition between covers where womens are shown like here in an aesthetic way and material where womens are presented with pussies?

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