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  1. :posford: [7.02.2008 Jueves] Madrid : Namaste in Seccion Kabokla Biofatrance (Namaste Project / G.S.G.) BRA Manionic (Namaste Project) BRA Stelianfred (Namaste Project) AL DR. Ruhl (Sinergia) ES* Crystall Maceta (Sinergia) ES* Malki (Katarsis) IBZ + djs..... que se apunten.... feel free!!! Contacta con namaste p apuntarse!!! **(errata)** jejeje *Ruhl (Sinergia) ES *Crystall Meta (Sinergia) ES 23:00 (((((JAM SECCION))))) Cada dj pone un par o poco mas de temas y se mete el seguinte... q rule.... q rule.... VS Rollito de jueves para caletar los motores al ritmo del Psy! Booooooooooooooooooom! http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/36562 Kabokla (Brazilian Bar Ambient) Calle San Vicente Ferrer, 56 Centro, <M> Noviciado
  2. :posford: [27.01.2008 Domingo] Madrid: Old Scholl Psytrance despues del desayuno. Fullon & High Teck Dj. Malki (katarsis) Dj. Biofa (Namaste Project/G.S.G.) Dj. Ruhl (sinergia) Dj. Manionic (Namaste Project) Chill Out Oso (Kink Aliens) Udo (Ominiconscience) Dj. Biofa (Namaste Project/G.S.G.) Dj. Ruhl (sinergia) V.j. Inkaloko (katarsis) 10:00 de la Mañana a las 23:00 5 euros ( c/ 1 consumision cerveja o refresco) Calle del Pez, 16 <M> Noviciado info: 691146892 http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/36495
  3. <<<<<<<<<AZTLAN EQUINOCCIO TRANCE FESTIVAL>>>>>>>>>>>> 21/22/23/24 SEPTEMBER 2007 L´alcudia,Valencia [spain] / Live BASIC NOVA (XILOCIBE) Mex BRAINWASH (Central Dogma/SHIVA SPACE JAPAN/HAPPY MINDS) Pt D.N.I.(MOONSUN REC/G.S.G) Br FRAKTAL NOISE (DISCO VALLEY REC.) PSYCHE LOGOS (PLANET B.E.N. REC) Br QUANTICA (FURTHUR) Sp and more to be confirmed... DJs ADEENE (G.S.G) Arg BIOFA (G.S.G / NAMASTE) Br CIPRI (IBIZA CREW) Sp CRYSTAL META (AMAR) Sp CHIK'M (SINDAR) Sp DANIEL CABRERA (SINERGIA) Sp DELIX (ToF) Sp FABIO (PARVATI REC) Sp FELIPE (UNITED TRIBES)Sp FLOW ( G.S.G/AZTLAN FESTIVAL) Arg ISSAC (IBIDELIC) Sp JM DELLANO (G.S.G) Sp MIKROBE (G.S.G/AZTLAN FESTIVAL) Arg MOZKATT (BELGICA) PSYLENO ( G.S.G/AZTLAN FESTIVAL) Sp PREHNITA (G.S.G) Sp RHULL ( SINERGIA) Sp RODDY ALIEN ( G.S.G/SPECTRAL REC.) Br STU ( AJUCA RECS / ToF) Uk YARZA (KINKI ALIENS/ToF) Sp XANTA (G.S.G) Arg and more to be confirmed... Chill Live Acts: AKOO (IBIZA) Sp JANGALA (DARK PRISMA REC) Arg CHILLI BABA (WALK IN THE SUN RECS)fr Djs DANIEL CABRERA (SINERGIA) Sp DUBOLICK (G.S.G) It OTTO (FUTURISTIC/ G.S.G) Fl REGINA (G.S.G) Sp CHILLI BABA (WALK IN THE SUN REC)fr and more to be confirmed... Deco GANSEDO LINE GANESHA SPACE GARDEN PSYCO DIMENSIONS OPTICAL ILLUSIONS TRIBE OF FROG and more to be confirmed... Vjs: FRACTAL TRIBE (G.S.G) VISUAL DROIDE ( A-GUA-K-T) Ger and more to be confirmed... LOCATION : BETWEN ALICANTE AND VALENCIA in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and trees big camping zone,big parking custody............ Barcelona L´Alcúdia (Valencia) [click here] Madrid L`Alcúdia (Valencia) [click here] Alicante L'Alcúdia (Valencia) [click here] ÁREAS: CHILDREN ÁREA, WORKSHOPS, HEALING ÁREA, CINEMA, RESTAURANT, SHOPS, CAMPING, PARKING, SHOWERS, W.C Aztlan Equinoccio festival en su segunda edición abre sus puertas a todos los seres de luz para festejar este día tan importante para nuestro planeta y sus habitantes. Nos reuniremos para compartir la experiencia de sentirnos hijos de la tierra e hijos del sol, y sentir la magia de la luna en nuestro interior. A las personas interesadas en poner un puesto, dar un taller, hacer un espectáculo, o lo que sea que quiera aportar, ponerse en contacto por E mail o Tlf. Muchas gracias. Aztlan Equinox festival in his second edition opens its doors to all the beings of light to festejar this so important day for our planet and its inhabitants. We will meet to share the experience to feel Earth children and children to us of the sun, and to feel the magic of the moon in our interior. To the people interested in deploying a point, giving a factory, to make a spectacle, or what is that wants to contribute, to put itself in contact by and mail or Tlf. Thank you very much. ganeshaspacegarden@hotmail.com / especheforever@hotmail.com ___enTRANCE____ FROM 1 JUNE TO 31 JUL 25€ FROM 1 AUGUST TO 15 SEP 35€ if you interested on buy a presale tickets please contact at: psykoloko_2@hotmail.com Hotline 0034 626 216731/ 0034 660 567095 Organizer GANESHA SPACE GARDEN DeLiSyD Infos PERFORMANCE: Fire and light shows and more to be confirmed... CHILDREN AREA WORKSHOPS HEALING AREA CINEMA RESTAURANT SHOPS FREE CAMPING FREE PARKING SHOWERS W.C if you interested on put your stand,shop,etc etc... contact via mail at: psykoloko_2@hotmail.com ganeshaspacegarden@hotmail.com ******************************************************* www.aztlanfestival.com
  4. Greetings! Peace and best wishes for an amazing summer of 2007. This year we have a fresh new festival coming our way! Introducing the Happy Festival, which will take place for 3 days and nights near the city of Cullera, on the beach coast, in the province of Valencia, Spain. From the 5th to the 7th of October, this exciting alternative cultural electronic music festival will sprout a spirit of joy, play and happiness. A place where international gathering of friends and kindred minded people can enjoy to a rich backdrop of a wide variety of activities. Happy festival is a creation of Spun Records & Katarsis with a long list of collaborating labels and groups like Solstice Music, Circodelika & Ibidelyc Records. With the best new dance music from Ibiza and other parts of the cutting edge global dance culture to ensure a fabulous high energy experience. The line up is an endless list of traditional festival headliners and all time stars that will put a sunrise on your face and your body in motion. A wide variety of artists spread over 4 blasting sound systems of highest caliber to rock our souls to the bone with a total of 280,000 Watts of power that will give everyone the right kind of music and lots of it. From Happy trance to dark Psy or some ambient to chill everyone out, we will be saturated and blessed with quality & quantity of sublime live acts and DJ sets. You will be spoiled with fine decoration and superb visuals to enhance our euphoric states of pleasure. To make everyone very happy there will many attractions ranging from Theatre and Circus shows to arts and crafts markets. Also there will be Make-up classes led by professionals, juggling, nature cooking, Digitopuntura, Reiki sessions, Meditation, Diksha, Yoga events, body painting and other fantastic surprises. For kids and our inner children there will be a pool of balls, slides and a funny labyrinth to explore. Happy festival is complete with a secure beautiful environment, a day care center, medical staff, recycling program, free camping and free water. A rich food area with a diversity of gastronomic delights including vegetarian, energetic and macrobiotic is also catered for. In short there will be all the things to make you and your little ones truly happy! http://www.katarsis.org http://www.spunrecords.org Artists / Areas : Spun / Katarsis / Happy friends / Chill Out / Circo / Teatro Spun Stage - Live • Audio Junkies (Electrick Records) • Bushman (Spun Records) • Earthling (Spun Records) • Father & Son (Spun Records) • G.M.S. (Spun Records) • Highlight Tribe • Last Men Standing (Spun Records) • Michele Adamson (Spun Records) • Perplex (Spun Records) • Poli (Spun Records) • Shanti Matkin (Spun Records) • Soma (Spun Records) • Soundaholix (Spun Records) • Zorba (Spun Records) Spun Stage - Dj's • Amour & Pablo (Ibiza) • Bansi (Spun Records) • Bushman (Spun Records) • Celli (Spun Records) • Dimitri DKN (Spun Records) • Dustin (Ibidelyc) • Fekes (Ibidelyc) • Govinda (Spun Records) • Kechu (Spun Records) • Levin (Spun Records) • Nyimo (Spun Records) • Poli (Spun Records) • Riktam (Spun Records) • Shanti Matkin (Spun Records) • Soma (Spun Records) • Torry (Spun Records) • Xp (Spun Records) Katarsis Stage - Live • Aum Project (Muskaria) • Bitkit (kairoo records) • Combination (full moon 2007) • D.N.I (Moonsunrec/Katarsis) • Dr.Hoffman ( SICK Records) • Ephedrix (Dacru Recrods) • Fraktophon (kairoo records) • Hypnochock (Sindar) • I-Drop(Skykey/Dooflex rec) • ITP ((Phonokol) • Lamila (kairoo records) • Liftshift • Lisergia (Ravespirit) • NoCTuRNa (PsyQu4RK Rec/Ibiza) • Oblix Project (Dream Factory ) • Phazur (psylence) • Pinkadelic • Quantica (Furthur)(TBC) • Sienis • Spyge H + Intigra • Syncopa (cytizin-zone records) • Xtazyaa (xtazyaa) • Zexadelik (Psykomaniak) Katarsis Stage - Dj's • 4tuny (Euforia rec) • Abbot vs Dj del Palo (Selenium) • Akra (Kantala sound) • Back to Mars(Cytopia Rec) • Biofatrance (Namaste project) • Berkin (Katarsis/canarias) • CRYSTALL META (Sinergia) • Driss (hadra) • Gabino (Katarsis) • Hands vs Nanuk (Muskaria) • Jibaro (Phantasm records) • Kairon (Kairoo Rec) • Mielech (katarsis) • Neuromotor vs electrocult (mechanik-rec,medusa-rec) • Numa (Katarsis) • Pim (DreamFactory) • PSYNAP6 (PsyQu4RK Rec/Ibiza) • Roddy Alien (Spectral Rec/Katarsis) • RUHL(Sinergia) • Sarschas (E-feelings/Kalimist Rec) • Spiritual Light (Katarsis/ibiza) • Xanta (Katarsis) • Zuriland (Trikomadelik) Happy Friends- Live • Brainfood Soundsystem • Wicked hayo (Rackhti Dei, Tribal Gathering) Happy Friends- Dj's • Alexis (Tzolkin) • AroA vs Od_nan (Ravespirit) • Binin (Space Tepee Music/Paris) • Firaga & norion (B2B) • Gonta (psykomaniak) • Greg (Mandala Rec) • Guille (DreamsFactory/Barcelona) • hypnoiz y titil (goa type) • Hypnotizer (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza) • Kaesar (Open Up Rec) • Kick_e (No psy-lence) • Levka (Kantala sound) • Microbe (G.S.G) • Nut (No psy-lence) • Noldor (Trikomadelik) • Obit (Cosmic wizards) • Phara (Le Tone s.s/ Open Up Rec) • Psyleno (G.S.G ) • Psy-totix(cosmic wizards) • Ramses + electric lord(Madhatter) • Respektolandia • Rob (BooM! Records) • Seph (Open Up Rec) • Shin Shan (Mida reocrds) • Strophoria (Unio mystica) • Trang (Dream Factory) • Triptaman (Humanoids on process) • URI (psypacs/L.P.D.B ) Chill Out Area - Live • D-Ryth (Nice Dreams Music) • ELEA (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza) Chill Out Area - Dj's • SWANN (Space Tepee Music/Ibiza) • In Lak'ech (Out of Time People) VJ's (Visual Performance) • Inkaloko (Katarsis) • CampAttack (NL) • Neuro vYrus (Spun Records) • Taber (Spun Records) • Videoverdose (Katarsis) • Wayan Blue (Spun Records) • Yaloves (Katarsis) Decoration • DreamFactory & Bioman • Björn diffus • Katarsis • Zola (ibiza) Workshops • Maquillaje • Reiki • Yoga • Danza • Chiatzu • Reciclaje • Meditacion • Malabares • Percusion Circus • Circodelika • Duo Malabares Performances • Doramas Percusion • Isaac Maine Theatre Location : http://earth.google.com/ http://www.happyfestival.org/downloads/Hap...estival2007.kmz Pre sale: - Alemania: - Belgica: Gent: http://www.madhatter.be Manu Phone:0032 487543828 - Francia: http://www.mandalarecords.com - España Barcelona: Ibiza: "Out of time people" /c/ Jaime l Nro 2 07800 Ibiza phone: 971 392 321 Madrid: Biofa 659553291 - Holanda: - Brasil: - Japon: http://www.solsticemusic.com - Mexico DF. Dr Hoffman mail Mas info aqui http://www.happyfestival.org info@katarsis.org biofa@biofatrance.com
  5. Hi Mates, @bala is back...Namaste in Madrid. ------------------------:: 3ö ::------------------------ 3ª Party Edition of this project at Madrid before called @bala Project. Its a project of DJ Biofatrance & Namasfriends, Radio Namaste Project on line. Good vibes on the air. Its a honor receive from Alicante this VS (AKRA & LEUKA) for the first time at Madrid. First participation of Amar collective at Sinergia Partys represented by Cristal Meta. Traditional djs Sinergia: Biofatrance & Ruhl. From Ibiza the brazilian reference of island Roddy Alien. Enjoy the "silence"... Line Up Akra vs Leuka (Kantala Sound) Alacant, Spain Biofatrance(Sinergia/Selenium) Brazil Ruhl(Sinergia) Spain Cristal Meta(A.M.A.R.) Spain Roddy Alien, (I.T.D./Ibiza) Brazil ------------------------:: 3ö ::------------------------ Flyer: http://www.biofatrance.com/imagens/Namaste07-550-front.jpg Location: Oriente Express (Room) map: http://www.biofatrance.com/imagens/mapanamaste.jpg Madrid/Delicias (Center) Paseo Sta. Mª de la cabeza, 67 Centro Deco Lapislazulli Trips (Kantala Sound) Alacant Sinergia Crew, Mad info: biofa@biofatrance.com info line : 659553291 6 euros (1 Drink / Beer) ------------------------:: 3ö ::------------------------ Psy vibes.... Namaste!!! ------------------------:: 3ö ::------------------------ DJ BIOFATRANCE www.biofatrance.com Namaste Project Radio
  6. gre8 line up...in an amazing place!!! Good vibes pSy vIbeS fRoM sPaIN. BIOFATRANCE
  7. hombre biofa! mira a quien encuentro por aki... k tal?? :)

  8. 11.11 - YA´STA CLUB - PSYTRANCE at MADRID SELENIUM - Saturday 2:30AM /7:00AM YA'STA C/ Valverde, 10 (metro STATION Gran Via, LINE 5 ) Madrid More information at : www.yastaclub.net 2:30 - DJ BIOFATRANCE - (NAMASTE PROJECT / SINERGIA) 4:30 - DJ RODDY ALIEN (KATARSYS - IBIZA) Flyer: GIRLS FREE + DRINK- 2:30-3:30 MEN: 10 E, 8 FLYER + DRINK DECO ART GRAFICA
  9. LOGIC LAND 20 OCT - MADRID - TRILOGY MADRID [spain] / Club NEW Friday, 20 Oct 06 23:30h - Saturday, 21 Oct 06 07:00h LIVE • SUM SINDHU (Unlogic Records, Madrid) DJ SET • PAKUA (Unlogic Records, Madrid) • RUHL (Sinergia, Madrid) • BIOFA (Namasté Project - Sinergia, Brasil) CHILL OUT SINERGIA CREW Deco Fluor: • AMUNIK (Sinergia). Visuals: • eseBELTRANesePAT (Sinergia, Madrid). LOCATION TRILOGY Club Avda. Siglo XXI nº 20 loc. 5 & 6 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). www.salatrilogy.com By Bus: 573 - From Moncloa (Madrid). 571 - From Aluche (Madrid). 574 - From Aluche (Madrid). All of these buses take you near the party. For any other bus info: www.empresaboadilla.com PRICE : 3 E Sinergia is a Psytrance collective and e-Magazine based in Madrid. Our mission is spread trance culture everywhere we go promoting parties and other events, and through the net with our web site. In our web we publish everyweek news of Spanish and world trance scene in English and Spanish. HOT LINE : +0034 699-80-70-32 INFO : info@sinergia.sytes.net ORGANIZER : SINERGIA :.: Spanish Trance e-Magazine.
  10. hi, free open air.... psy vibes biofatrance(dr.biofa)
  11. @bala project Radio (dj resident) http://www.biofatrance.com/musica/biofamix...ncesetjul05.zip 56min other http://www.biofatrance.com/biofasets.htm trance collective in spain www.sinergia.sytes.net psy vibes
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