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  1. two more tracks ready to shake the dance floor
  2. new track fresh from the studio dont forget to leave comments Merry X mess
  3. no one seem to have downloaded the track... any ways here is another one... "SHIVA PRASAD" its a night track 152 bpm... and comments please.. http://www.soundclick.com/updateband/SongI...Updated=4059951
  4. its been a while i have been out of touch with music.. now im back home and here is my a track that i have just finished with.. please write some reviews.. will be much appreciated.. its been converted to mp3 using 192 kbps for the qulity reason.. thats why its 9mb any ways please down and please review it.. http://www.badongo.com/file/790149 boom
  5. oh that link did not work!!! here is another track.. full on psy.. please let me know how is the over all production http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/aseem_music.htm
  6. i was just surfing the net and came accross this site.. here is my track please review it http://s26.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3M7RJSJ...XC2JEFKS6NBK4F0 boom shankar aseem
  7. i use yousendit.com ... not much hassels with registration and shit... but bad thing is it only last for seven days.
  8. download.. terence mckena's interview and stuffs from the net.. and convert them into wave.. though he is been sampled too many times.. but its always fun.
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