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  1. Ok thanx guys but what defines full-on? Is it the fast paced BPM or is it the use of many different sounds at the same time? The way i see it artists like Scatterbrain and Fungus Funk are not at all the same style as Electro Sun and Lani, still they are all considered to be full-on, howcome?
  2. The thing i dont like about atmos, son kite and x- dream are that I dont think it happens enough in their songs. I like the songs to be either, fast, grinding nad hypnotic (like fungus funk) or melodic (but not to much like yahel and lani). To me atmos etc is nothing. Its just slow and nothing happends. One thing i dont like about son kite is that they try to blend in other music styles in their music. For me it has to be pure electronic, i dont like other influenses (for example I hate when they sample guitars). However the same thing goes for Alien Project... to me that is just slow beats with a bassline for 8 minutes and then the song is over, nothing happends in his songs. I stoped going to psy trance parties here in sweden just becouse of Djs like Anti who would only play the atmos style. It was just to voring and didnt give me any energy on the dancefloor.
  3. What defines full-on from progressive? And what do these (my favourite artists) produce: Ananda Shake Safi Connection Space Buddha Fungus Funk Nomad Nissymiana Some artists I realy dont like are : (what do they produce?) Son Kite Alien Project Atmos X - Dream Lani do I like full-on or progressive?
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