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  1. thanks for the advice - the sonica party in italy looks incredible! hallucinogen and infected mushroom [my favourites!] !!! unfortunately my travels are still a while off - looking at fruit picking at the end of this year to get cash and then heading off in the new year... south america is definately my first destination of choice - maybe peru or brazil - depending on the contacts i can make - would love to do the inca trail... will be heading to london hopefully for the summer of 06 - too many friends i haven't seen for too long and then i know europe will be awesome! is it easy to get random work in south america? i make mean coffee i've also put on loads of club parties here in NZ and also a couple of free outdoor roots gigs for a local radio station that attracted over 10,000 people - it'd be cool to maybe get involved with the party culture over there [i also DJ - but don't think i'll be lugging records half way across the world!] also - looks like i'll be travelling alone and i'd rather not do the whole tourist thing - i'd much rather chill out and make some friends looks like i'll be learning spanish!
  2. kia ora from aotearoa [NZ] i have just recently discovered psytrance at a most amazing party in takaka [NZ south island] it was awesome! on top of a mountain - under the full moon and shooting stars the psytrance scene here in NZ is relatively small. i am wanting to travel overseas for the first time in the new year and am interested in checking out some outdoor parties - came across one held in the sacred valley of the incas in peru? that sounds dope! anyways - if anyone out there has any advice for a traveller wanting to travel throughout the worldwide musical community - please share thanks!
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