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  1. We have been getting so much interest in the party we have decided to do a 4 day instead of a 3 day. So the party will now be May 27 - 30.
  2. It's good I like it. Just a questioner though. I would place some filtered 303ish syths or some sound FX under the main lead. Good job though man.
  3. I am Dj Luminol and this is a mix of Nu school and Neo Goa. All of the tracks are new. I love Goa but it hasn't been around in a long time. Scence it is starting to make a comeback and begining to replace Psytrance agian I thought I would make a cd to showcase the reemergence of what I believe to be the very best form of EDM. If you have never heard Goa Trance give it a try. You may like it. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you all think of the mix. Peace Download here Rhythmic 8
  4. Rhythmic 8 May 27-30 Yup thats right were doing a 4 day party now Brought to you by Tranceparent Productions and 1PointOh! Our 8th annual Rhythmic festival will be a Free three day out door event of, Music, Friends, Peace, and Fun. A top quality 25,000 Watt Privately owned sound system, professional Lighting, Visuals and Lasers Powered by 1Pointoh! and their team of VJ's mixed with some of the undergrounds best DJ's. We have just added a full canopy for shade and a misting system for the heat as well. Tranceparent Productions very very rarly posts our events on the web but from time to time we like to meet new people from outside our normal group of friends and party goers. So here we are at one of those times. We hope to meet some fun new people so come join us to celebrate our 8th annual Rhythmic festival. We also like to meet and hear perform new Dj's or live acts, please feel free to email me with your DJ name the kind of music you play and preferably a demo to listen to. If you dont have a place to host your music online try soundcloud.com its free. We will be accepting Dj's to play during the day Saturday and Sunday. Requests must be made no later that two days prior to the event (May 25). If you think thats you then hit me up and we'll see what we can do. Lineup: Quervo: Trance/Techtrance Frankenputer: Progressive Psytrance Savant: Breaks DJ Luminol: Phx AZ Psytrance and Tech Trance. My newest CD Download here Dica: Full on Psytrance and Hardtrance/Hardstyle. Dejavoo: Full On Psytrance. Hellsinfist: Dark Full On Psytrance/Goa. DJ Jon Palmer: D&B and Dub Step. Aaron Rix: Breaks Many many more Artists to be anounced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. Please bring tents, water, food, flashlights and anything else you may want while camping. Respect the land! Do Not Tag or vandalize any of the owners property. The owners of this land graciously allow us to use their land so please respect it. Keep your camping area clean. Bring trash bags. We will have garbages. However you may want your own personal garbage for your campsite/ property/ hygene etc. Info and Directions: No info will ever be posted online. If you are sent the infoline or directions please do not post them on the internet or share them. If you would like to attend or have any questions, send an Email with your first and last name and preferably the number of people travaling with you to socaltrance@gmail.com and I will send you the info line, updates and add your name to our entry list. Price: Donations only of $5.00 dollars per Person or $20.00 Per Car. Not mandatory but much appreciated. All those who help will receive a free gift from Tranceparent Productions or 1PointOh! Many people are still struggling with paying their bills or feeding their kids. We believe this is absolutely wrong and we need to help if we can. All proceeds will go to the Big Bear food bank to help struggling familys in that area.Thank you for helping if you can and hope to see you all there.
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