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  1. Label: Furthur Progressions Genre: Progressive Trance Format: Digital Download on all good digital stores Release Date: 1 November 2011 Catalogue number - FPREP007 This EP, compiled by Wicki, is a showcase of talents from Inside and Outside of the UK. Following a move from Denmark to England in 1999, Wicki has now been DJ’ing since 2002 and she’s long wanted to showcase some of the talents she has encountered along the way. With tracks from UK, German and Danish artists it is a tour de force of European progressive! Tribalistic Society – Prosac Avenue OOOD – Tyger Tails B3yond Control – Super Collider Solar Spectrum – Inspiraled Previews on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.co...sets/insideout/ Starting of this little musical journey on track 1 is Danish artist Tribalistic Society aka DJ Bes. He has been making various guises of progressive trance and techno since 1998 and with Prosac Avenue he successfully showcases a great ability to write really well structured melodic progressive trance with a lovely flow that makes you wish you were dancing outside in a field with the sun rising. Moving on to track 2 we find none other than UK trance veterans OOOD. These guys have been around for as long as there’s been psytrance and with Tyger Tails they are showing more of their multi faceted skills. The four members of this band all bring their own individual skills to the music table and here it has resulted in a super funky bum wiggling piece of progressive trance. Track 3 is a debut track by UK artist B3yond Control aka Mike Method. Also otherwise known as one half of the well established electro/breaks act Monk3ylogic. He is spreading his wings into other genres and has with Super Collider created a driving and groovy piece of progressive trance with plenty of psychedelic sounds to keep you entertained as you bounce around on the dance floor. Last but absolutely not least on track 4 is German artist Solar Spectrum aka Braincell. Also one half of the successful psytrance act Rastaliens. Solar Spectrum is no stranger to making psychedelic sounds and Inspiraled is a great example of how to make trance sound like you’ve taken a time machine back to a dance floor in 1999, or to another planet inhabited by extraterrestrial musicians! Artist Info: Tribalistic Society www.soundcloud.com/tribalisticsociety OOOD: www.facebook.com/oood.music B3yond Control: www.soundcloud.com/b3yondcontrol Solar Spectrum: www.solarspectrum.ch Wicki: www.facebook.com/wickedwicki2 Furthur Progressions: www.furthurprogressions.com Cover photograph by Lily Holman www.lilyholman.com
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