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  1. I cant afford anything new right now. And the esq1 is just a picture i found on the net, mine is in a slightly better condition ;) . But i don't feel like i need much more than this. Maby one or two more pieces and im done (yeah right :lol: ). A nice analogue monosynth and maby something from the Kurzwiel K2xxx series.



    I was kidding :) As long as you bring good sound out of it it's perfect.


    -> A good musician can make good music on a broken banjo :blink:

  2. Hi, my name is Pedro Ducry, and Im from Brazil Rio de Janeiro...


    And I have some idea...

    What do you think about make some tracks togheter ?!

    I use Cubase, FL and many VSTs...

    If you like, lets talk about this on MSN or mail ?!


    --> pducry@hotmail.com


    We are makinh a PSY FACTORY OF SOUND !!!



    Hey Pedro Ducry,


    Before making sounds together : I usually use MSN to talk to friends and it would be kewl to chat with people who make psy to exchange ideas etc...


    See you on MSN :)

  3. I just have a very simple question for anyone who is familiar with the CLN 2X. I bought myself a used CLN 2X just recently and now I´m wondering if the wooden "pitch/bend" controller is supposed to move that hard. I mean I have a rather heavy resistance (is that the word?) when I try to move it to the right/left.


    So, come on, please tell me that everything is just perfectly fine.  :)



    Yeah it's perfectly normal that the wooden controller moves that hardly. BTW, you can set the amount of pitchbend in semitones. Just RTFM! :lol:

  4. do u have any other tutorials to recommend?


    [Memoid’s Kickdrum Tutorial]




    [The same as above with better design :lol: ]






    [This one shows different approaches in making your kick]



    I also made a pdf version of the Mike's kickdrum tutorial from Isratrance (thanks to Mike!)


    Add me to your MSN I'll send you it. Laters...





  5. Some artists are well known to abuse of FX sample cds. What is your flavor? Do you favor knobbing your own sounds or do you heavily rely on sample cds?


    IMO I prefer building my own sounds on my Clavia Modular G2 even though it can be a long process until it spits out exactly what I have in mind.


    I don’t really see the point in buying expensive FX sample cds except for a few very particular sounds that you won’t be able to build on your own.


    Not to forget that buying an FX sample cd involves the risk of sounding like a zillion other artists who had exactly the same good idea as you :D


    It simply makes my ears boil when I listen to a nice tune and all of the sudden I hear something that has already been used by another artist.


    Another thing that comes to my mind, and it's rather off my own topic heh, is the abuse of the Delay Lama plugin. How much Delay Lama can our ears hear until they implode like a supernova?


    Whats your opinion?





  6. I have to add that I really don't understand why you would want to buy a Sound Blaster Audigy for audio production. You have to be f''''''ing joking!


    Soundblaster's ASIO drivers are worse than shit, not to speak about the latence times which exceed everything you would want in serious audio production.


    Beginners tend to forget that the most important device in a studio is the soundcard. Don't save money on the soundcard, it's the biggest mistake you can do.


    Again, the soundcard is the core element of your studio.


    I have both an Audigy 2 (for mp3 listening & games) and an RME soundcard (www.rme-audio.com) for music production. There's NO comparison between them when it comes to audio production.





  7. Don't go with a VIA mobo.

    What you want is an ASUS A8N rather than an A8V, ie a nForce mobo.

    And it doesn't specify brand of RAM or HD.



    I can confirm that. VIA is bullshit. Don't buy VIA chipsets because you will get disappointed. I've thrown a brandnew mobo into the trashcan just because it pissed me off that much.


    VIA is not only worse in performance, they also have the bad habit to f$$$ their consumers by making them beta test chipsets which contain more bugs than the MIR spacestation's central computer.



  8. Hi

    Whats the best OS System from Microsoft  <_<

    for Producing Sound??????

    I don't have MAC and i have no money to buy a mac in this time!

    I Know  :D MAC :D  is The BEst One......


    Thank You

    for Reply


    u cant write to my email,too

    my email



    Windows XP. Make sure you buy a 64Bit processor (Intel or AMD). Reasons for buying Windows XP 64Bit are to be found here :







  9. Thanks a lot. :)



    Hi Carnage,


    My advice is, stick to Cubase! I've started with Fruityloops and felt the need for something better. At first I was VERY disappointed at Cubase because of my previous experience with FL. The following tips helped me to get familiar with Cubase and I can tell you I would NEVER EVER fall back to FL now that I am aware of what Cubase can give me.


    A good start would be to abuse of the help function. Everytime you don't understand something in the program, press F1 and use the "index" to find the part of the program you have no clue about (for example type "scrub"). There’s an entry for every function of the program, all you have to do is search a little cause sometimes multiple function are grouped into a big topic. You will understand the mechanics of the program very quickly.


    Another important step in becoming more familiar with Cubase is to use the "Shortcuts & Key commands" list which is in chapter 18 of the manual. Make sure you use the search function of the help file to quickly find more info about each shortcut listed in chapter 18.


    That way you will be a Cubase pro in no time!



    Good luck





  10. Matsuri does not even excist anymore....  Dont just throw a list at people found on the internet.. At least update it and list those you know - not those you dont know about.


    Plusquam is not at all a psy-label but progressive trance and I could go on and on ;)


    Tip and World are not 2 labels it's:  T.I.P World 


    Comprende? :)


    Sorry too lazy to write a list at this hour... maybe tomorrow.



    Bah I didn't have time to sort it, I have better things to do. I thought he could look up the names and filter out the useless ones...




  11. You can look up contact information of some important psylabels on :




    Psy-Labels are :




    Hom-Mega Productions

    3D Vision Records

    Out of Orion Records





    Solstice Music

    Nova Tekk Records

    Spiral Trax

    Trancelucent Records

    YoYo Records

    Sphere Records

    Alchemy Records

    Twisted Records

    Spun Records

    Phantasm Records

    Spirit Zone Records

    Mesmobeat Records

    Mammoth Records

    Ultimate Records

    Intastella Records

    Nephilim Records

    Alien News Records

    Blue Moon Productions

    Global Trance Network

    Digital Psionics Records

    BooM! Records

    Dragonfly Records

    Koyote Records

    Spiral Trax

    Plusquam Records

    BNE Records

    Distance Records

    Boshke Beats

    Timecode Studios Records

    Tribe-A-Delic Records

    Utopia Records

    Matsuri Productions

    Acidance Records

    Agitato Records

    Shaffel Records

    Exogenic Records

    E-Watt Records

    Avatar Records







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