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  1. alright, maybe... a keyboard for atmosphereic sound effects.. looking into one of the nord leads. or i can use my moms yamaha dj-x :-) also i want inputs for either a guitar or a microphone. but thats all i had an idea for so far.
  2. k my parents are going to kill me but,what ever i earned my money, ill get a job soon enough i have incentive now... i went to tiger direct, www.tigerdirect.com theres one by my house, and came out with a > AMD Athlon 64 3400 512mb ram, ATI Radeion 9550se 128mb videocard, 80 gb harddrive, cd-cdrw drive 52X. <<$810>> right now its in pieces, its going to be put togather today, i have a simple soundblaster soundcard, because i was undecided about the cubase combo pack for $250. if anybody has an positive AND complete suggestions for soundcards with my system.. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW! PLEASE! btw.. does halo 2 or doom 3 run on my system?, they said it would but i just want to make sure.
  3. ive seen different types, external and internal.. which ones are good>? ive seen that cubase has a deal with thier program and an external midi card?. steinberg m|4
  4. yea, i thought that too so im going to pick up the $100 cubase so i can use the tb-303 basslines and mix it with reason.
  5. OKAY!~ hi everybody, some of you will remember me, some of you dont, but ive came to say that ive saved up some money to build a computer and finally start making music.. ive used the phrase" im interested in Recording Arts" so my parents will get off my back about what im about todo. so, since im starting from scratch, ive asked Rev. Don from 1200 mics about what stuff he uses, and what i sould use since his current album the time machine is pretty damn good! : so far im going to look into, getting another version of fruity loops, because i threw out my old one (i know im stupid) but i want to get another copy because you can do alot of things with fruity. * MUST GET REASON! im proubly going to goto music stores and pick some things up this week! ill ask around and see what i can come across either more for less or visaversa. Midi keyboards.. i was told that the * Oxygen 8 was my best bet by several resources. is this true? can i get more for my money? thats all that i know for now.. can sombody please give me advice! if you wondering what i want to be doing: check out bands like: S.U.N Project, Etnica, Asia 2001, Man With No Name. btw.. anybody know what MWNN uses?>
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