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  1. March 26th 6pm - noon the next day Audio Alchemists: Primordial Ooze (Chilluminati/AntiShanti Records) (((LIVE))) Milwaukee, WI http://www.myspace.com/primordialtrance Parus (Auraquake Records) (((LIVE))) http://www.auraquake.com/artists_parus.htm Fractal Cowboys (Manic Dragon,Avatar and Doof Records) (((LIVE))) Sunchild (UltraViolet Carnival) (((LIVE))) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunchild/134856609914579 LeoHawk (Mighty Quinn Records Label DJ, UltraViolet Carnival) http://www.soundcloud.com/leohawk/mighty-quinn-records-label-mix Treetop (Ultraviolet
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