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  1. You can also add to the chill out line up the following live-acts: Ambiêns Indages (chilloutzone.org) - Pt Psyra (Psytropic Rec) - Ger Hope to see many friendly faces in this event! Peace & light
  2. Saturday, 12th March of 2005 EN SOF presents: Vector Deflector - The Series (Progressive House & Trance) Domo Records Label Party We are glad to present you our new sequence of progressive events: Vector Deflector (The Series). On our first party,being produced in collaboration with Domo Records,and that will take place at Porto Rio,we will present you for the first time ever in Portugal,the Swiss producer,André Absolut,that will present us a live foccusing on his first album that's going to be released in May by Vertikal Records. Representing Domo Records we will have label manager and dj Nadi,that with our own artists and guests will assure us the good night of music and fun! Main Features: LIVE: - André Absolut (Vertikal Rec/Domo Rec) – Suíça (Presentation of the album to be released in May by Vertikal Records) - Gordon Shumway (Fiberlineaudio.com/En Sof) - Pt DJ's: - Nadi (Domo Rec) - Israel - Diogo (Feed Me Records/En Sof) - Pt DRIVE IN (Alternative area): - Souljackers (En Sof) - Pt - LAB - Pt MULTIMEDIA PROJECTIONS AND DECOR BY: - DataGrama (Querentena Corp./En Sof) Location: Porto Rio - Barco do Gandufe Tickets: 10€ solo or 15€ with a Domo Rec cd Doors opening: 01h Infoline: 938675916 E-mail: en_sof_productions@hotmail.com Support: En Sof Store André Absolut contest: Check out http://www.ensof.org/ENSOF.htm and see how you can win one of the five entrances we have to offer! For further informations check: http://www.ensof.org/ENSOF.htm http://www.domorecords.com http://www.andre-absolut.com http://www.feedmerecords.com http://www.datagrama.pt.vu http://www.vertikal-records.com
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