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  1. here my list of my fav _albums_ of 2004, without any order: 1200mics - The Time Machine you can hate, bash and spit on me, i liked it, mood lifting trance KURO - Satisfaction heard it often, i like that style. reminds me a bit of some The Delta tracks also like their other project, Charm Kontrasequenz - Zeitverschwendung hear it, love it. Best Progressive album ever. Son Kite - Colours makes me happy Xatrik - Project A its like Shift or Phyx, so i must love it
  2. ok here comes my list: SCHIZM ever heard such a thing? no? me neither. greatest compilation i have EVER heard just CRAZY IGNIS FAATUS its dark, its special, its great PSIONIC STORM it has everything and it was the first time i heard Phyx, they are my gods THE TURNING timecode records...no need to say more
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