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  1. well put together track! In my opinion, it could use a little smoothing over in its entirety, maybe an eq or compressor or something very subtle over the whole tune. when I use logic pro to put the final eq on my tracks, I usually use an eq, compressor, stereo imager, and a limiter, of course your going to have to fiddle with a combo that makes the sound of your track "soup" together in a nice way. Or I don't know what I am talking about either way thought I would put in my 2 cents.
  2. Every once and a while I take a break from hardware and do some software production, please let me know what you think of this one ! thanks in advance for your feedback (and honesty) This track is called Swamp Walker, I produced it with reason 5 and logic. Swamp walker check out my soundcloud for free downloads of tracks, most done as live hardware
  3. I think I get what your saying, thanks for the feedback
  4. could you be a tad more specific, too strange is a hard problem to fix
  5. Here are a few of my more recent track, I got sennheiser hd 598 headphones recently, so there has been a jump in sound quality. Let me know what you think, and what is keeping me from getting signed. These tracks are done live using an mc808, sh101, x0xb0x, dx200, 2 kp'3s, through a mackie profx8 into logic pro. Acid Walker Under Triangle Skies Rampant Darkening
  6. I work with an mc808, sh101, x0xb0x, dx200, 2 kp'3s through a mackie profx8 mixer into logic pro. All the tracks in this list are live takes, some minor eq issues in some, but let me know what you think !GOAPSY I would love some feedback on how to get my sound better if its not up to your standards, thanks in advance.
  7. I work with the mc-808, xoxbox, sh-101, yamaha dx-200, 2 kp3 kaoss pads, and into a mackie profx8 mixer. let me know what you think, or any major sound issues I should be working on
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