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  1. I'm a 21 yr old girl from ny, just got my first pair of decks. they were hand-me-downs from my brother. i know its pretty much impossible to spin psy on vinyl as there are very very limited tracks on records. i'm a very new cat at this, so if you guys can give me some tips as to what software i should start out with and a list of some things i would need. also is serato a good option?
  2. any upcoming psy/goa parties in the nyc/brooklyn area? would be greatly appreciated.
  3. i am so mad i didnt go to this..was all ready for it but my boyfriend hates psy and was bein cranky...so was forced to go to a dnb party...next time im going anyway =0)
  4. anyone kno any good live psytrance tv/streams?

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