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  1. This is a DJ set I made a while back for the Greek electronic music magazine, Freeze magazine. Tracklist: 1) Grouch- Squareyes 2) Dopped- Accessing from the compilation CD "Geek Mythology" 3) Tripinstumble- Reality show from the compilation CD "Geek Mythology" 4) Onionbrain- The Real You unreleased 5) Product Placement- Natalia(Minimal Criminal remix) from the compilation CD "Tall Poppy Syndrome" Cosmic Conspiracy records 6) Slytrance- Jungle Boogie unreleased 7) Hedonix- All Hail Discordia unreleased 8 ) Zartrox- One More Drop Tonight from the digital EP "In the Edge of Introspection" Mind Tweakers records 9) Opsy- Commit Charge(Minimal Criminal remix) unreleased 10) Cujorius One- Evi LL will Fuck You Up from the digital EP Soundmute records 11) Cold Project- Quantize from the digital EP "Deep Downstairs" Soundmute records 12) Kali Frogz- Section K from the compilation CD "Reconstruction" Soundmute records 13) Le Saboteur- Lost from the digital EP "Lost" Soundmute records 14) Ectima- Insufferable User(Opsy remix) unreleased Get it here : http://snd.sc/9QuwL8
  2. Minimal Criminal - MINIMUS MALEFICARUM Cosmic Conspiracy Records – CCR008 Artist: Minimal Criminal Title: Minimus Maleficarum Label: Cosmic Conspiracy Records Cat No: CCR008 Format: CD Jewelcase Release date: November 26th 2010 Distribution: Saiko Sounds Cover art: http://show.saikosounds.com/cover.asp?titleID=8612 Track Listing: 1. Reefer and Barbeque Part 2:Bad Ass Weed 2. Extraterrestial Turkey 3. Travel Through Space 4. Alice in Acidland 5. Fright Night 6. Worship of blood 7. Sabado Negro 8. Tobor 9. Derma 28 Cosmic Conspiracy Records proudly presents Minimus Maleficarum The Debut Album from one of the biggest known names in modern dark progressive and minimal psytrance. After 2 years in the making this anticipated release brings you 9 tracks spanning a broad spectrum of sound A hybrid blend of Minimal Psychedelia, Techno and Progressive featuring Minimal Criminal's signature fat and heavy sound and production. An atmospheric album with themes inspired by the obscure horror/sci-fi and psychedelic exploitation films from the 50s/60s/70s with every track containing many vintage synth sounds and effects. This release also includes "Reefer and Barbecue part2:Bad Ass Weed , the follow up 2nd part to their now infamous cult track "Reefer and Barbecue" which featured Krumelur. With Stunning artwork by Elune Art and with mastering by inyourphaze studios in Sweden, this is a mile stone release , the likes of which we have never heard .... An album that will steal your mind and imagination/twist your ears , scare you, and make you laugh while it happens.. Avialable @ http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8612 http://www.minimal-criminal.com/
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