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  1. Hi again :-O how do I add compressor to two midi tracks?

    for example the bass line with the kick so the are grouped under one compresor or any other thing I may wanna do to the borth at the same time.. I can do this in the general mixer but it will compress all the tracks not just those two..


    Thanks again


    U can add compressor only to audiotrack or to any VSTi track, Midi track u can only route to any midi input of VSTi or any external sound module.... or general midi sound bank of your soudcard. Midi says what would be to play.


    U can add compresor to FX track and route there audio tracks or Vsti .....

    or u can group kick and bass or something else


    have a good time

  2. Hi guys,


    anyone of people in trance production do this process? What I mean, for example: I have any project in FL studio I have FX channels and I do mixdown with split fx track option.

    Than I load it to cubase as audio tracks, and there I do some posprocesses like litlle equlaization maybe I can add some effects or something similar.


    What do u thing about it?

  3. Alright.. I've decided I will go for the CDJ-100s.

    It's 200 bucks cheaper (100 on each deck).


    Do any of you guys have any recommendation on MIXERS?


    I'm looking for a 2-channel mixer, hopefully with beat counter.

    The counters aren't always precise, but I believe they can come in handy for a beginner.


    Opinions? Suggestions for a mixer?


    The DJM-300 are about 270 US-dollars.


    I have Stanton SMX501 mixer, and it is very good, it has not counter, but i think it is better start without bpm counter. It has 3 stereo channels with 3 bands eq, and 2 mono for mics. It has master balanced outputs, master outputs, both outputs and record outputs, send and return channel to fx unit. The sound is clear. And It is not expensive.

  4. Thanks for the support. :)


    Fruity has spoilt me :(





    i have used FL for many years and I am too go for the cubase. All you need to know is midi theory.

    There are som good books about this especially about cubase. I have one. It i very good. U learn all about recording, automation, mixing etc.

    Problem is this book is in my language, but creator of this book use some other book s in English. I can see what books creator used and i will tell u.


    If u want to use cubase is goot to do a good arangement of desktop. What was simply in fl there it can look more harder, but it is not true. Cubase has more possibilities than fl.



    member of Mental Light

  5. But how do I use the VSTi's ind FL???


    Make folder somewhere on your hdd and there install some vst and vsti plugins.


    In general options in FL studio select this folder as plugins.


    Than when u want to add vsti select more in instruments bar and there make refresh.

    Now u can select vst that u have in the folder.


    Good luck!

  6. Iam having problems with my bass in FL4. I cannot get the bass I want. I want it to something similar to the bassline in Daydreamer by Sun Control Species. :D




    Try to use vb1 or Tau2 as VSTi, ultrafunk equalizer and comp. and maybee waves real bass plugin. It must have good sound with the kick.


    You must equal a lot, but in final mix the bass sound may be muddy. Lets try cubase as sequencer.


    Good luck.

  7. I have noticed that a lot of people talk about compression and equalizing and how important it is to compress and equalize everything all the time to get a deasent sound.


    Well i don't agree. So i decided to make a track completely without compressors and equalizers (not for mixing, not for soundshaping, none of these sounds have gone through a compressor or eq). I also decided not to use any premade samples (since you can't be sure if they have been processed by eqs or compressor), including samples from romplers and drum machines.


    So what we have here is a track with no eq, no compressor, no samples and since we shouldn't mix on headphones i did that too.  :D


    Most of the sounds are made on a nordrack1, i also use a Yamaha TG77 and a Ensoniq ESQ1. (i only used the fm-part of the TG77 and i only used basic waveformes on the ESQ1) and the kick is made in soundforge. It's not mastered, 100% free from compression and eq.


    > Download here <


    So what do you think? Im not trying to say that we shouldn't use compressors and equalizers, but i don't think every sound has to be compressed and equalized to hell and back like most people producing pstyrance seem to think.


    Yes, but try to do fullon track without eq an compressor.

  8. what is the right way to use cubase sx ....

    only vst plug-ins without converting to audio

    or to convert each line to audio... like...----->write bass line and convert it to audio then drums and convert it and so on.....

    what is the way that you are working ??? :P




    I use to do MIDI tracks, than I think it is a good mix or when there is a lot of vsti performance loading I render it to audio files for post-mixing.




    For live mixing is good to have leader tracks like bassline and kickdrum, percusion loops have in audio tracks and for effects using send channels.

    Some FX and Leads tracks is good to have in VSTi or External module. Than u have to modify the colour of the sound directly with Master Midi controler.


    good luck

  9. hi psypeople!


    :D first, Thanks all and Sorry my bad english. :P


    Well... Im trying to make Psymusic, but the sound is too bad. I use FL-5.


    What i need to get a comercial quality sound?


    i try to use a EQ and a compressor in the Fx's but the sound is bad.


    can somebody helpme?




    I think for the starting producer is the FL studio good way. You can simply do bass with 3xosc when you have not other vsti.

    First take all osc to saw waveform and reset all crs. Than in isntrument window set the filter to SVFLP2x, than turn down cutoff and increase res.

    Shift channel down for a 2 octaves.

    make ADSR envelope and cut Envelope.

    Use compresor and eq for the channel.


    If you have any proplem with it I can send you a preset of this bass.

  10. Hi everyone...

    I am pretty new in doing Goa/Psytrance but I really would like to get further on also in this Style (actually I a m doing some sort of EBM or Future pop)...Bassline and Kick seems pretty clear how to do...FX also, but i absolutely don't get how this "classical" Goa Sound (sounds like distorted filtersweep) is done....

    i tried Stepfilter on Stab sounds but this wasn't what I looked for.....can anyone help?


    I use as hardware Synths:


    Novation Supernova

    Novation Bassstation

    Korg 01/w

    Korg N5

    Yamaha An1X

    Roland JV 1010

    MAM MB33 Mk2

    Juno Alpha 2


    and as Plugins:


    RefX Vanguard



    Moog Modular

    Absynth 2.0 and 3.0



    Groove Agent


    as Sequencer I use Cubase SX 2.2

    with Waves Plugins




    i suggest to use some effect plugins. Ultrafunk has nice wahwah filter, or native bundle from tc-works has good filtrator plugin. Put there some flanger, phaser etc.

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