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  2. SPACE BABYLON IS PROUD TO PRESENT LIVE IN BEIRUT ONE OF THE MOST ACCLAIMED INTERNATIONAL DJ'S IN THE PSY-TRANCE SCENE_DJ PAUL TAYLOR__ ========================================================================================================================== DJ PAUL TAYLOR - KUNDALINI RECORDS-UK ========================================================================================================================== Already well known internationally as a DJ with a unique ability to source and play the freshest sounds, Pauls credentials are well documented. A veteran from Goa parties since the mid nineties, he was quickly noticed by TIP records and joined in 2001 as a label DJ along with Dimitri Nakov and... Raja Ram. After two years in the London Tip Office, he then relocated to Ibiza where he soon began to co produce music with artists such as Earthling, Shanti and Bushman. In 2002 he joined Spun Records as Ibiza label manager and A&R/DJ, compiling the very well received Spun Complilation: Tweakers. A regular at many of the bigger events in Europe, Mexico, South America and Japan, Paul is one of the most sought after Psy Trance DJs around the world, having made his reputation for playing powerful sets of his own particular style of Hi Tech inspired Full On and continuously pushing the boundaries of the Psy Trance medium. Paul has co-produced tracks with some of the leading artists in the scene like Wizzy Noise, Joti Sidhu and Psysex. His exacting taste, and ability to source music has led to five very successful V.A compilations so far, on labels such as Crystal Matrix, Spun, Sirius, & Sound Sorcery; all of which have been firm favourites with on the world DJ circuit. His DJ compilations include Time and Space 1&2 (Maia Recs. Mexico), Tweakers (Spun), Freedom Fighters (Crystal Matrix Recs). His album: "HIGH LIFE"received excellent reviews and sold out soon after it's December 2008 release...this album defined a whole new sound in the Psy Trance scene, which will be further explored in his latest upcoming release: "PURITY" to be released January 2010 on Kundalini Records U.K www.myspace.com/djpaulxtaylor __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ========================================================================================================================== PARTY LINE UP: ========================================================================================================================== LIVE ACT_SPECIAL GUEST _PAUL TAYLOR_KUNDALINI RECORDS UK DJSET: _COSMIC DROP_Trancemission Project_ United Kingdom _NAMI_Bug System_Lebanon _PAUL TAYLOR_Kundalini Records_ United Kingdom _PSYSHROOM_United DJS Records_Lebanon DECO _SPECIAL 3D BLACK LIGHT_ &_UV BACKDROPS_by_FLUOROBOTANICS www.fluorobotanics.com _PSYSTRETCH_by SPACE BABYLON INFOS _LIVE FLUO ENTERTAINMENT _ORGANIC DIDJERIDOO PERFORMANCE _FLUORECENT BODY PAINTING_BY Miss. SUNSHINE_ _FRIENDLY SECURITY __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ========================================================================================================================== DECORATION BY FLUOROBOTANICS lyserdelic decos www.fluorobotanics.com ========================================================================================================================== The Fluorobotanics is artist Lukas Kavik, who specialize in fluorescent paintings, mind-blowing psychedelic backdrops and installations for parties. The style of the painting has gone through several changes, and has reached the level to match the artist’s visual concept. The history of the Fluorobotanics painting concept includes many past experiments with techniques and various media, with the subject matter always pertaining to nature – from the abstraction of natural forms, to fully interconnected organic forms. Through art, a means of visual communication is established. The backdrops create a surreal pseudo-3D space where people can move and let their minds and feelings wander. The work of art expresses feelings, visions and energy which can incite your imagination. These paintings help to bring a good atmosphere to a gathering – which is important when planning a successful party. They are an integral part of it. Well-known spaces are magically transformed into something from another dimension with the help of these beautiful works of art. To emit the awe-inspiring fluorescent effect these paintings carry, it is necessary to illuminate them by use of ultraviolet [black] light. www.fluorobotanics.com
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