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  1. Reply with the album names, condition, price and approx. shipping to Sweden. (I might accept VG+ as well)
  2. Hey! Any Swedes around here? I've seen that IM hasn't put Sweden on their tour schedule for 2010 yet, so I made a Facebook group! http://www.facebook.com/#/group.php?gid=367653125626&ref=ts <- Please join this group and support my 'cause'! If I can get over 5000 members I'm sure that will be enough for Erez and Amit to put Sweden on their 2010 schedule! Please help me get Infected Mushroom to Sweden in 2010! / T (I hope this doesn't break the forum rules, I don't think so since there is no personal gain. Well, other then that I may get one hell of an experience out of it! ^^)
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