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  1. Hello, Tribe. To start off, we would like to give our thanks to so many, who have come forward to make this art-project rapturous and enlightening. Desiderata has evolved far beyond the initial vision into a wondrous participatory art-village. Expect new and diverse breeds of music. Meet members of the world community and participate in workshops, lectures, and political discussions. Expect the avant-garde and the abstract: indie film premieres, art installations and multimedia performances. Experience and discover music that will help you transcend the petty day-to-day issues
  2. Antishanti Records and Wizack Twizack give birth to another wonder, a new release by the Swedish producer "Space No More". In response to the people in charge of the stormy weather, the tribes will revel. The date is March 20th, the place is PUBLIC ASSEMBLY - all three rooms, every single inch. Dress to undress or come as you are ( underwear required! ). Address: 70 North st Street BK NY This will run from 11:00PM through 6:00AM. If you have the ENERGY - it will go further. The first hundred folks to arrive get a FREE "Space No More" CD. Twist it... bend
  3. INCREDIBLE (ALL LIVE) CHILL LOUNGE LINEUP featuring: ♫♫♫♫ Primordial Ooze - Live - Sentimony/Pure Perception - Chicago (YES, our friends from Chicago will join us for a live set) ♫♫♫♫ PROGRESS Chill - Live - AntiShanti Records - NYC ♫♫♫♫ and a SPECIAL SURPRISE ACT
  4. As you have learned to expect from YogiBogeyBox events, we are not much for musical discrimination or preferring one style over another as they all have their magic. However, when it comes to classic Goa trance, there is one artist that stands out in our minds above the rest. We are in the clouds about having the legend, COSMOSIS, come to NYC with the unique trance only he produces. Along with RASTALIENS, the Swiss trance wizards, this promises to be an unforgettable night and perhaps our best event yet! And so here is the lineup: COSMOSIS live (Holoponic Records, U.K) Bil
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