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  1. im sorry if i seem to have offended you in anyway, that was not my intention and i do not mean to be discriminatory at all towards drug users considering i have nothing against drugs or anyone who uses them, having experienced several myself, im just trying to understand if we can connect on the same level without them. PLUR
  2. there is nothing wrong with enjoyment, the idea is to clean ones system and become open to energies rather then live in illusions. its just a theory im testing, whether we can be together and feel the energy and be connected without a harmful agent. and yes drugs are fun and enjoyable but no one can agree that they are harmless, and yes many things are harmless in our day and age, even breathing the pollution, but if we think oh well thats the way it is then we are ignoring what we have been doing to our enviorment and ourselves, we are ignoring the fact that we are ignorant and we are destroying our world. the very world we try and connect with at a rave, wont exist after a while if we dont become conscious, and in order to be conscious we need to have presence of mind, which we dont when we are constantly high on drugs and not on life.... Please correct me if u think im wrong, this is what i think and i would like to know what you think as well, i guess there is no universal truth to this matter, its just a matter of perception and opinion, but really can we be human and humane to eachother without drugs?
  3. Thank you so much for your reply... I will definitely send you a copy of my report once it is complete. The topic of my research is "Ecstasy inducing abilities of trance music within a rave environment and the plausibility of Drug Free Raves. " The idea at the end is to organize a drug free rave and make people realize that we dont need them to be high on life and energy. PLUR
  4. Dear Wonderful People Of The World, I am conducting research for my masters thesis which involves the study of spirituality at raves, through electronic music and collective energies. The idea is to ultimately find out how many people would actually attend a DRUG FREE rave solely for the love of the music and the feeling of being connected to a greater vibe. It would be great help to my study if you would just take 5 mins to fill out this short questionnaire and reply back to me at my email address somayehbardai@gmail.com with the answers. Your identity will not be disclosed, as this is a quantitative study, which means your name and information will remain confidential and irrelevant. But your contribution would be very very much appreciated. 1.Nationality and Age? 2.How old were you when you attended your first rave? Where? 3.Describe what you feel when you are at a rave? 4.What is your opinion about spirituality at raves? Are they spiritual? Why/why not? 5.Is electronic music enough to make one feel connected to the energy or are drugs a necessity? Why/why not? 6.What do you think of a DRUG FREE rave? 7.Would you ever attend a DRUG-FREE rave and be sober simply for the love of the music and the vibe? Why/why not? Thank You so so soooooo much. Somayeh a.k.a Maya p.s. If you haven't been to a rave then please specify in the second question, however your opinion about the rest of the questions would still be valuable p.p.s. For the people who have not experienced drugs, please don't feel offended by these questions. This information is Confidential for the purpose of an academic study. I assure you your identity will not be revealed.
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