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  1. Hello folks! I have created a 3 track ep totally free 2 listen. It's called Basstard Ep.


    As the name suggest it's concentrating into bass but iti's also deep and trippy. Take a listen and send a comment if you have some

    ideas or criticism!







  2. It could be that the speakers are damaged. Try pushing the bass elements in a little, do you hear / feel a "crunching" noise? Also check out your latency settings, if too low you can hear all kinds of popping noises, but if your last setup worked it might not be the problem. Try some other speakers and see if they make the same kind of noise.


    edit: aww.. Didn't read your post throughoutly. The problem is definitely in your speaker setup. amplifier, Ac converter of the amplifier or the speakers themselves.

  3. Interesting!!

    Can u send me an message wich tracks are released & wich tracks are unreleased please?? :)

    You can also upload tracks directly to our dropbox @ soundcloud ;)


    All the songs I have uploaded on soundcloud.com & mikseri.net are released material, althought i'm now making remixes from the best of them, head to check

    my new set here is you live in Finland :)): https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=209141155808630

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