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  1. Cheers No Man's land for the info was actually looking at those today along with the v600's. Have you had any problems with the bracket braking as I read that this can sometimes be a problem, although anything of Sony's that I have ever bought in the past has been very reliable.
  2. Think Im going to go for Blue Moon Station & Movements as cant believe how good Leaving Home is. On another point I am going to buy a decent set of headphones to get the best out of the music so can anyone recommend a decent set for listening to this type of music (Im in the UK so looking to spend up to £70). Also would Open Back or Closed Back headphones be best, and what sort of frequency range should I be looking at? Cheers
  3. All right, I took delivery of Solar Fields album Leaving Home and Distant Systems album Spiral Empire today and both are bloody brilliant. Can anyone recommend any other similar albums?
  4. Thats good to know, cheers for the info. Do you also know if these albums are continuous mixes or individual tracks as the reviews I have read dont say. And which if any would you recommend? cheers
  5. Thanks (everyone) for taking the time to post your recommendations, its much appreciated. I have listened to samples of most of the artists mentioned in the thread and have come up with the folowing list that gets my attention: Vibrasphere Aes Dana Bluetech Phutureprimitive Lauge & Baba Gnohm Solar Fields Asura H.U.V.A Network Distant System Etheogenic Anyone got any recommendations of specific albums for the above artists or anything similar that I might like. Prefer my music to be continuous mix rather than a collection of individual tracks. Also could someone tell me if the Solar Fields albums are mixed or individual tracks? Cheers again Gadgie Also been looking at the Solar Fields albums - Blue moon station & Leaving Home, but there are two versions of both, the originals and new releases from 2008 that appear to have vocals. Can anyone tell me what the differences are by any chance?
  6. Hi everyone, As the title says Im new to all of this psy-trance stuff. Been a big fan of Trance for a good few years but was getting tired of the same old sounds over and over and was on the look out for something very different. Stumbled onto Solar Fields by chance a couple of days ago and have been listening to various tracks of theirs on-line and have been mighty impressed. Also been listening to tracks by Asura, H.U.V.A Network & Aes Dana and Im getting really excited about acquiring some new deep thought provoking music to usher in a new chapter in my life. In music I love cds's that take me on a journey, cd's I can totally lose myself in where each track is mixed seemlessly into the next. Trouble is havnt been able to find any music like this for a long long time. Usually I find really decent albums that are spoilt by 3 or 4 terrible tracks (a real hate of mine) and consequently cant listen too them anymore. I would be very gtateful indeed for some guidence, definately want to get a couple of Solar fields albums (I prefer continuous mix cd's which Im guessing they all are?) but dont know what to go for, was thinking maybe Blue Moon station as all the tracks I have listened too so far sound excellent and also Movements (how do they differ in style?). But bearing in mind that Im brand new to this any recommendations of outstanding must buy albums from the last few years would be brilliant. Cheers Gadgie
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