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  1. Hi padremac! We wanted to make the cd as affordable as possible. Though we could not do so much about shipping. I can asure you, we are hardly making any profit. I hope you enjoy the music! /Mathias
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wntaT6D0QU Just wanted to show our live-set from May this year. Cheers!
  3. MEEO is beyond control. Tweaked lounge lizard of a future citadel. Full vibed freestyle, spaced out fantasy, or a toasted liquid lunch. You choose the treat. One half of Digital Psionics' chilled out starz 'Yggdrasil' has stepped out the door and down the spiral staircase. Tracklist: 1 He Who Will Never Come Back 4:43 / 77 BPM 2 Backwords Marching Meeo 5:03 / 95 BPM 3 In Agonya 5:34 / 135 BPM 4 Crumb n Crank 3:29 / 85 BPM http://www.beatport....ome-back/904927
  4. Fresh from the oven. Some new really groovy stuff. If you like weird, this is your lucky day! Get it from: http://amzn.com/B002HO3JSC Cheers! /Mathias
  5. Thanks I might put upp some more stuff on the webpage later.. Cheers! /Mathias
  6. I would like to inform that i put up an old "album" that i did around 2002. since it will never be released ill just put for free on my webpage. Maybe someone will enjoy it. Actually i put two "albums" on the page. But i would recomend Loco Lizard. The otherone is more nostalgia then any thing else. Maybe both are.. ehh.. Check em out! www.meeo.se
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