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  1. i'm a 37 year old metal/prog head who tends to listen to bands like tool, dream theater, porcupine tree, old metallica, etc...i don't listen to electronic music ever. recently, i found solar fields on emusic.com a few months ago and can't believe how good his stuff is. movements is by far my favorite release from him. i can listen to the song "sol" over and over again. when i hear it, i think he wrote the song with positive intentions...to put positive vibrations into the world. i like the rest of movements as well, but there is something about "sol" that elevates it to a higher place. it can heal me on a bad day and put things into perspective. i'm pretty shocked how much i connect with solar fields considering the music i like tends to be (a) very intense and ( in a minor key, and © very busy. while solar fields' stuff can be intense, it is typically...not happy...but very positive. it is also heavy, but not black sabbath heavy....more like heavy in its weight in its intent. i don't know why i like movements and "sol" so much considering it is so different, but i'm glad i found it. i also like the reviews on this web site that people leave. i have read a lot of the solar fields reviews and love how people describe his music.
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