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  1. As a big CBL fan i have to say i was a bit disappointed in this release. Dont get me wrong, if youre into pure ambient drone then youll love this and wont be disappointed. its just that in my opinion this is not the style they do best. Tracks like Neurotransmitter and Supercede is where they do there best stuff for me. The last album Interloper was superb, full of melody and movement and this couldnt be more different. Personally i hope they dont continue to go down this path.
  2. its unmistakably Solar Fields and it almost works as an album in its own right which is quite an achievement for a video game score. i agree with the op that the introduction is the closest thing to a "true" SF track. each track is a mixed bag of ambient atmospheres interspersed with frantic fast sections which i found a bit disconcerting and what i'd really like to hear is a re-edit which separates the two. the final title track is a pop tune really but as pop tunes go i've heard worse i guess. overall i'd say worth the money i paid so its a :clapping: from me.
  3. Hmm bit of a mixed bag in my opinion. I did enjoy as an album but i liked some tracks more than others. its that repetative monotone bassline that Aes Dana seems to like so much that puts me off a bit. The stand out track for me has to be Fade Away, which also happens to be the most uptempo track on the album...maybe they should do more of that.
  4. Hi Everyone....my first post in these forums Just wanted to add what an inspiring album this is. I just cant fault it really. Definately a progression from Leaving Home. Whilst i liked Earthshine in places i feel the downtempo/chillout style is definatletly what Magnus does best. Theres just something about his music that makes me feel every little sound is just so crafted and yet still charged with emotion. As someone mentioned earlier, the first time i listened to it i just didnt want it to end...just beautiful. Just taken delivery of Ephemeris bu HUVA Network....i doubt i'll enjoy it as much but as far as i'm concerned Magnus can do little wrong musically.
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