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  1. It is a great album! I won't say much, since english isn't my native, but this music is truly inspiring... still, nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, just nice grooves & beautiful melodies (I'll dare to say this becomes rarity in psy-goa trance these days).


    My favs: 1, 2, 9, 10


    Cheers :)

  2. I post here really rare, but I must say this is a stunning piece of music. In a last couple of years I haven't been so touched by some psychedelic/goa album... This returned my faith in trance :). My favs: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7


    troll on::: Is there any review of Merr0w's "Born Underwater" (search system is going crazy at my place, maybe it's me or... :unsure: ):::troll off


    Sorry if english was bad, it' not my native language. Peace!

  3. it's all probably about having focus


    in the end, most drugs will kill your ability to focus on the same thing over a longer period of time

    Exactly! That means, if You let drugs to do works for You (either music or anything else), in the end You'll become hollow and empty... :ph34r:


    now, this probably sounds stupid, but I can't explain it better right now :huh:

  4. I guess I said it in a wrong way... I didn't mean tralalala-boomboomboomboom-shobedoo, then again tralala, etc. What I ment was that there is no memorable lead or melody... no climax, in other words. <_<


    Still, I am very satisfied with atmosphere in this track. Don't know, it has some Dimension 5 trip inside it - deep, but energetic, at least to me. :rolleyes: Cheers!


    Check this out for story type of track: Overmind - Temptations

  5. Thank You, guys! I know this one needs a lot of work. Yes, i did this in one day, but that was an inspiration boost. Personaly, about this track, i disslike that it has no central theme, but this is the sound I'm heading to... Thank You again, and I'm sorry if my English was bad... :rolleyes:

  6. Thank You very much for this detailed comment. The thing is, this track is almost two years old, and I'm pretty sure that the cubase project name and rendered name are not the same. That means it is going to be bigger effort to find this track in editable state than reparing this track, actually. I am aware of all bad things You noticed yourself (and there are some more you didn't ;) ) and if I ever put myself into the vibe I had, while I was creating this (not to mention I would have to find it first, damn! :) ), I would reproduce it properly. "Pandemonium" deserves it!


    Sorry if my english was terrible. Peace!

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