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  1. live ------------ Ocelot (dropout pro.) U.S.A polyphonia (insomia rec.) Greece orestis (mighty quinn) Greece kulu (noize consprecy) Greece drury nevil (mighty quinn) Greece dark elf (disco valley rec) Greece electrognosis (samahara rec) turkei line up tba dj's ---------------- kodomo (habehabe tribe) Turkei supersam Goa iran arjuna (parvati record) Italy boyan (nine bar ) Goa maor Israel z-experiment (H.S.S rec.) Greece mute (samahara rec) Turkei woodpacker (shanti tribe) Turkei zen-g (groove meditation) Turkei virtualien (blackligt district) Turkei tihulu (mind manifest pro) Turkei hipnotic Turkei doga (blackligt district) Turkei kia (hilltop goa) Iran line up tba Chillout & Alternative stage ------------------------------------ live ------------ D.Z.A Turkei dj garen&utku Turkei ocelot Turkei taarus babas (habehabe tribe) Turkei line up tba dj ------------------- dubtis Turkei genjuro Turkei sona Turkei cinocosmic Turkei chillom (shantitribe) Turkei psytombi (habehabe tribe) Turkei lucid picnic (peak record) Turkei Dark elfaki Greece line up tba Festival area is gonna be around mountain of gölgeli (1700m).it is surrounded by pine forest that some of them r 1000 years old.we have restrooms ,shower,market and bungalows in the festival area also. more info on web site Entry fee pre-sale ................ 1st phase (april): 30€ 2nd phase (may): 40€ 3nd phase(june):50€ At the gates: ................. 60€ iletişim: ------------------- www.outpsyshantitribe.com www.myspace.com/shantitirbe shantitribe@hotmail.com outpsyder@gmail.com 0534 669 30 07
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