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  1. True, but Stockhausen and the whole Musique Concrete movement wasn't truly psychedelic, were they? Tangerine Dream's founder, Edgar Froese studied with Salvador Dali in the late 60's and you can see his influence on their earliest recordings, but they came into their own when Christophe Franke started using his Moog sequencer as a proper instrument in the early 70's - that's when it all came together! Sadly, their output started going downhill after about 1983 or thereabouts, when they went all digital and New Age. Anything between '74 & '82 should appeal to people here. I've been a fan since '79 and my own favourite 'track' (a strange statement, as most of their tracks are the entire side of an album), is 'Cloudburst Flight', from 'Force Majeure' - stunning guitar solo. From their live work, Ricochet everytime! Also, I was at both of the gigs at the Dominion in London that became their 'Logos' album, in 1982 - my ears were ringing for about three days afterwards! Good times! B-> Enjoy! </cliff>
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