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  1. Heloo Friends I just complete 2 tracks and here are the demo links please commenton them.. and am also looking for some record labels who are interested in signing up new bees... but not sure where to start from...so, some information wound really be very helpfull Thank You Very much n i hope u enjoyed the demos Love n Light.
  2. Heloo Friends, This is my latest progressive psy set...so thought of sharing it with u all Downloads are opened....Wish u a Happy LIstening n please feel free to leave your coments behind Thank You.
  3. Alert about creativity & oppertunity.

  4. Heloo Friends This is my new track.. :- http://soundcloud.com/yatrik/sinkin-ship PLease leave your valuabel comments here...would really be nice & could Help me a lot
  5. Thank you very much for your generous reply from now on i will spend more time gathering some natural elements and cleaning my production. some tips on cleaning will definetly help
  6. Heloo friends in Psynews i recently started producting psytrance music and here is a sample this 1's abut 6mins long, made in ableton and my 4th psytrance proj Hope u'l enjoy it as much as i did making it. Best Wishes
  7. Full On Psyset. IF you get some time then listen to my set.... hope u'l enjoy it as much as i did http://www.4shared.com/file/39775333/62746...orning_Set.html Duration 41.15 Size 75.5 Mb Bitrate 256 Kb Tracklist:- 01 Perlook - Melody Up 02 PIxel Vs Gms - NN 03 Intersys Vs Gataplex - Dance To My Voice 04 Team 18 - God See All 05 Yahel - Soul(Indra Rmx) 06 Protoculture - Circadians(Live Mix) 07 Gataka - Dreaming Mode 08 Spade - Nostal G Appreciate Keep Good Reply Back 2
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