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    I have only 3 albums maybe because i'm not heavy user of last.fm, sound quality is far from spectacular.

    Can you as users, in few words explain any pluses and features of this service?


    Penzoline, KozmikTentacles I like your tops. First is true goa trance fan, second is Ozric Tentacles :wub: fan.


    exotic, what is in center bottom of your top? It remind me K.U.R.O Modulation, but I'm not sure.

  2. Antares, I got your point.


    Will describe my view. As artist, I am always glad to hear critic. It can give me new goals, so I can have more fun to achieve it. Not to copy, but try that element, that and that and see what's happen. That's why I am always try different genres, not only goa. It's expression of myself too and it's freaking interesting.


    Without any critic and with only good opinions around, you can relax and stop improving your weak sides.


    As listener, I can feel strong difference between best examples of oldchool and new goa trance. And I can do nothing to stop feel it. But I can enjoy new school on some level. Oldschool just give me more, and it's pretty normal. There was a lot of shit released in old days, but overall releases per year was much more. So there was more good and different stuff around.


    Anyway, if you take it personally and feel bad about it, just ignore and don't read. If it can brake your inspiration and slow down your producing, just screw this forum, It's your right! Nobody can command you, how to make your music! B)

  3. Correct. It's a huge jump forward.



    The difference between Mac quality is close. Depending on the features of your desktop off course...


    But If you buy an Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, a proper sound and graphic card. With a 27inch screen,


    It feels like running a Mac for maybe paying +/- 1300 euro's...


    That's probably less then Mac (Not that I don't like Mac)


    It's fairly enough. I don't like price politics of apple and company focusing only on mobile fancy devices now. I really hope linux audio production support will be better asap.

    So when time will come, I will have choice to switch to Lin or Win8 :D

  4. W7 turns out to be very good for audio apps. Anything that's not audio I do on an ubuntu machine. I've been using Linux for the past 15 years and I have to say the linux desktop has come a gigantic way in the past few years. Well recommended! If ya wanna try it out, get a 1GB (min) usb stick and http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ and try it out on a bootable pendrive.


    Can't agree more. I'm unix geek (mostly freebsd/sometimes linux) from beginning of times. And what GUI was before and what is now is like quantum leap. But audio apps and audio gear support on linux still is far from top notch, so I prefer MacOsX for that purpose. It's have good balance, giving you power of unix console and very convenient desktop usage abilities.
  5. this is far the best you ever did IMO


    After listen more than 5 times I agree too. All your tracks are good, Filteria, but for me they are too fast and overdetailed, hard to concentrate and get into trance state.

    This is one fit my taste perfectly.


    Back to Earth is slow BPM, but I have listen tracks like this many times before, voov'91 is more original.


    Bravo for this good experiment!

  6. I'm listening right now first time Nimba - Elements and first 2 tracks make me high. It's difficult to work and difficult to write here :lol: 2nd track just blow my mind. Very powerful sound substance. :wub: Can't find youtube.


    And it's remind me about

    The Nommos - Life Is A Dance

    Is it goa trance for you? For me it is good combination of techno and goa.

    And it did trick with state of mind too. Also album of Kiriyama does it even better.


  7. I don't know is it goa trance or not, but I love album "A.B. Didgeridoo Oblivion - Liquid". So I don't care ;)

    It's really unique unbelievable trippy, sometimes scarry stuff. It will be fun to listen more didgeridoo trance, or synthesis imitation with so powerful psychoactive activity.

  8. http://soundcloud.co...nd-root-of-manu


    Example of rather crazy goa/psy, good composition and MY BELOVED KICK YEAH! You're on the right way Open Mind!



    Браво Максим, так держать! Твой последний трек из Erta Alé настоящий образец вкусного гоа - темного, эпического, мясистого и мелодичного одновременно. Удачи тебе!!!



    Thanks a lot for your kind words. Your support means a lot for me.



    I want to hear more of such music in modern goa trance releases. Or at least elements.


    Wild vocals, groovy etnical percussive work.


    Storytelling trippy arrange. Lot of alive layers perfectly mixed with synth lines.

  9. Which is why we need more Erta Alé. Extremely fine-tuned music with layers of complexity, psychedelia and a darker sound. I crave it more everyday, but since cronomi is the only label doing it.. :(


    Yeah, cronomi do awesome job. Btw, did you see it? Is it darker sound goa for you? Is it really 2010? I have strong feeling I have heard it before.

  10. I don't know about you, but I don't want see revolution in goa trance.

    I just want to see people who make goa trance in full spectra of it's sound, not only AP-clone style. That's all. And my wishes are transforming into reality right now :excl:


    And I hear something new, what I have never heard before, sometimes! So it's really good time for this music. Not gold time when was tons of releases every year, but pretty good.

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