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  1. Thanks guys for all the help!
  2. Thanks guys! I'll definitely check that one out, and thanks for the links
  3. Hello, I'm interested in exploring some Full On and I was wondering what artists use a lot of melodies...I like it when the bassline changes into different chords, whether they be dark or morning like. I apologize if there is a clear answer somewhere else on this site, the search engine turns up an insane amount of results lol Thank you!
  4. I've just recently been introduced to the world of psychedelic music, and I have to say that it goes well with me. I've heard some full-on and I think it's pretty cool, but it isn't very psychedelic in my opinion...not very trippy if you know what I mean. I like to hear sounds that I can visualize and interpret (more random than structured). I really don't like the progressive thing (which is strange because I happen to be a trance fanatic). Could anyone point me in the direction of an extensive source where I can choose which albums to hone in on (old and especially new)? I would REALLY appreciate some advice from you experts. :-) If a topic has already been posted about this I apologize...I have tried searching throughout the forums with little luck. Thanks for any help you can give...and the more the better!
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