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  1. R_E

    Review Requests

    Happy to provide bandcamp codes for anyone wanting to give an honest opinion on any of these two releases:
  2. After some quiet years, Spindrift is back, and had two releases last week that should peek the interest of old-school forest fans! First an EP on Resonantearth, which some of you might remember from back in the days. Label is now active again and first new release is Madfunktion EP by Spindrift: https://spindrift1.bandcamp.com/album/madfunktion-ep "Resonantearth presents two brand new tracks from Spindrift, a unique sounding release exploring a slower but intense and heavy side of psychedelic melodic night forest sound. Groovy deep basslines combined with intense layers of melodies makes for a mad dancefloor experience!" And then an album on StereoHemia records: https://stereohemia.bandcamp.com/album/spindrift-deep-nature "Spindrift brings his recognizable style of old school and psychedelic trace to StereoHemia rec. The sound of Spindrift is full of rolling bass lines, spiced up with unique melodies and psy leads that will get your groove on."
  3. Do you like the playfulness and funkiness of soumi, but also the heaviness and depth of old-school and the energy of full-on? Then you better get ready for Take Over! A collection of exclusively Macedonian morning trance with a unique sound that will make feet move and faces smile. Available now on http://www.resonantearth.com Free 128k mp3's for you to check it out before you get the whole compilation or individual tracks as 320k mp3, FLAC or on CD! Tracklist: 1. partickle - introspection 2. skeletone - roots 3. dosage - congo 4. skallstars - cyclopcybin 5. dosage - shuma 6. svemirko - LSD 500 7. illusionary vizions - stone age 8. dosage - fensy trolls 9. skallstars - trepanation 10. psoma - synthetic Enjoy!
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