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  1. Ducci!! i lost my pc, profile everything,sooo, decided to start again....only, its a bit quiet here...hmm..to stay..or go..xxx

  2. hey mate. haven't talked to you in a while. hope youre not mad at me, altho you have every right to be. it's my fault really :/ hope we can talk again soon. ~ take care ~

  3. if I recall it right -

    spar is quite small.

    is it busy?

  4. you also work at a netto?

  5. You just wanted me to write again since you miss my sexy comments -_-

    we're both quite emo anyways, working at the counter and everything. Which store where you working at? I work part time at a Netto, actually with a swede :P

  6. The monster lurking in the shadows! the omnipotent powerhumpa - and prolly your dad :P

  7. So ducci, ya comin' back what have you been doing all this time?

  8. god damn du har mange beskjeder i boksen din. Og så lang den er!

  9. You're welcome for the boost from three to four stars. :D Welcome to four-star territory, and be skeptical of anyone with five.

  10. It's okay. One week until the beach. I think I'm going to make it. :D

  11. Hello, DuCCi. Hope all's well in the land of great beauty as well as ass cheese.

  12. Pretty solid actually! :D

    He called me from the camp fire last night saying he was thinking about me!! *wub*

    I see him this Friday & we're spending the whole weekend together... wOOt!!!!

    Thanks DuCCi! :D

  13. Not a freak eh??

    Freaks are good....

    just look @ me! LOL!!

    No Wabbit yet........ :(

    Don't really need it now that I've got Matt!! ;)

  14. yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  15. Wow, once you get posting, your difficult to stop.

  16. Ducci get ready to conquer India :P

  17. One man spam army!

  18. haha it all goes teh cracy

  19. thought you had a plan dear!! hahaha

  20. cool, im someones hero :P that feels good

  21. DuCCi, my new hero.

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