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  1. *takes the honor of be the one to post in his profile*


  2. 1st one i mean.

  3. I AM the FIRST one, right?!

  4. no one will find it out, i have my coments here now, this place is belong to meh!

  5. and i seem to be the only one ruling this place, oh man, charlie is going to be so jealous, hellyeah!!!!!!

  6. now this is getting scary :ph34r: where is everybody :ph34r:?

  7. nothing much.. bothering reger :lol:

  8. Hey Sammy! Could you recommend a fellow HBGer a few good not-so-well-known-good-goa artist? :b

  9. Hi Sammy! Visiting Sweden anytime soon?

  10. Awesome! thumbsup*

  11. i live in Bangalore .!

    come down sometime man .

  12. well , my schedule is fucked up too , just waiting for this month to end , then i will be free...!

    totally freee...!

  13. We Share the same Last name :)

  14. hey dude, hows it going??


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