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  1. ***SILVERSHIVA im MEMBRAN*** Wien | FR, 31.12.2010.-SA, 01.01.2011 | 22:00-12:00 | More Info: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/49353 www.membran-events.at CLUB MEMBRAN Baudißgasse 10 1110 Wien LIVE ACTS: Digital Talk (Hadra Records) France Psilocybe Project (Namaha Records) Portugal DJs: Blue Grow (Iono Music) Mexico Alezzaro (Progressive Selection) Austria Tapanov (Spirit-Base) Austria Pinocio (Lucid Dreams) Austria Scanzy (Independent) Austria Progressor (Psylence/S.O.L.) Austria Mahodin (Timetheatre) Austria 2nd Floor hosted by TIMETHEATRE: Scanzy (Independent) Aut Progressor (Psylence/S.O.L.) Aut Mahodin (Timetheatre) Aut DEKO BY: coming soon No Chill! ENTRY: @ the doord: 24 €, presale: 19 € über www.jugendinfo.at ORGANIZER: Goaran (Spirit Base Festival) membran.eventhalle@gmail.com
  2. ***BEATPATROL FESTIVAL*PSYTRANCE STAGE*HOSTED BY SAMSARA*** START: FRIDAY, 23. July 2010, 22:00 h END: SUNDAY, 25. July 2010, 12:00 h VAZ - St.Pölten Kelsengasse 9 A-3100 St.Pölten http://www.beatpatrol.at http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/51524 http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=284623610377&index=1 http://www.facebook.com/pages/BEATPATROL-ESTIVAL/85141284940#!/event.php?eid=284623610377&index=1 LINE UP – LIVE ACTS: ASTRAL PROJECTION Trust in Trance // Israel TALAMASCA Mindcontrol Records // France ELECTRIC UNIVERSE Electric Universe Records // Germany PENTA Auraquake Records // Russia SPACE TRIBE Space Tribe Music // UK PHATMATIX Yabai Records // France ZIRKIN Doof Records // Israel ESP Space Tribe Music // Germany / UK DIGITAL TALK 3DVision // France X.S.I. Phantasm Records // Mindcontrol Records // France TWISTED REACTION Phantasm Records // Israel TOXIC Yabai Records // Israel MINDCORE Yabai Records // France REV Doof Records // USA BLAZED Phantasm Records // Israel // Portugal MISTER YOUTH Mindcontrol Records // France BIONIX Mindcontrol Records // France LINE UP – DJ‘S: AMITO Nutek Records // Israel BULL Doof Records // Plazma Lab // Israel DICA Doof Records // Israel ZORFLUX Enzyme Records //Phantasm Records // Portugal LAGUN Ketuh Records // Sunshine Explosion // Austria MARCATO Ketuh Records // Sunshine Explosion // Austria Gi_O Samsara // Nutek Records // Austria JERRY Sunshine Explosion // Austria QUIDAM Sunshine Explosion // Austria PSYWOLF Paradise Festival // Basisland // Austria MANDULIS United Fraggles // Austria DA RAY United Fraggles // Austria ORIGIN Interplay of Forces // Austria NOIZE HUNTER Magma Records // AS Records // Austria DECO hosted by Gugama Deco Art: PHAIDON DECO // BELGIUM OMICRON DECO // BELGIUM GUGAMA DECO ART // AUSTRIA SUNSHINE EXPLOSION // AUSTRIA VISUALS hosted by V-Motion INFO: Email me TICKETS: http://www.beatpatrol.at/?show=tickets&lang=de LINE UP & INFOS FOR THE OTHER STAGES (Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass): http://www.beatpatrol.at/?show=lineup&lang=de TIMETABLE:
  3. Press Release Spirit Base Festival Rauchenwarth/Vienna/Austria Spirit Base: The biggest Trance Event in Europe in Spring 2010 A six Days Festival called “Desert Trip” Vienna/Austria, March 2010 - "Desert Trip" is the motto of Spirit Base Festival 2010, the biggest and longest Trance festival in Europe, which will take place from June 2 - 7 2010 in Rauchenwarth, a small village in Lower Austria, located 15 kilometres from Vienna. Like in 2009, thousands of fans from Austria and all over the world are expected to dive into the wonder-world of music, colours, fantasy and colourful projections. 50 live-acts and 40 DJs will provide non-stop music on two dance floors for six days. For the 8th time the sand quarry near Rauchenwarth is going to be transformed into a multidimensional space of colours. The multi-colour-laser system will come from German light-wizard Kularis. Spirit Base is the biggest trance event in Austria for many years now. This year, the festival’s motto is “Desert Trip”. Light artists will create magical three-dimensional light objects on floors and walls. Decorations, the stage and light effects will be designed in desert-style and black-light will dominate the five nights. As in the years before, the line-up is focussed on Progressive Trance, but also Full-On Psytrance, Dark-Psy, Old School Psytrance and spacey Ambient tunes will not miss out. Nearly a hundred live-acts, DJs and other artists from 16 countries and four continents are expected this year. Most come from Mexico, Israel and Germany, but also from Russia and South Africa. Live-acts and DJs like Protoculture, Atomic Pulse, Azax Syndrome, Feuerhake, Alpha and the Klopfgeister – all these acts are as popular in the Psytrance scene as Madonna in the rock scene. Many Austrian musicians and DJs will also perform at the festival. The chillout tent with a diameter of 40 metres is hosted by the Viennese Psytrance DJ Gobayashi. This spacey and comfortable time-and-space-world will be kept open all around the clock. Optical effects, visuals and projections will be created by the team led by El Geko, who has been responsible for the visuals on New Year's Eve Festival Universo Paralello in Brazil. VJ Benski from New Zealand who also toured with the Red Hot Chilie Peppers will support him. He will show a new technique that allows HD-3D real-time response to the beats. Objects will change colours with the beats. The several meters high projections of Sikanda will take the people to a three-dimensional light journey into the deserts from all over the world. Oversized geometric, fluoro-coloured objects created by Calaquendi and several decoration teams are being constructed months before the festival starts and will create a visual experience on the dance-floor. The festival decoration will be alike the world of Avatar. Fire shows, fireworks and performances will also be mind-blowing highlights in this year. Several restaurants will offer international cuisine from Austrian specialties to Israeli and Indian delicacies such as falafel and chai. The breakfast will be served in the chill-out tent. About 30 stalls and shops will sell spacey trance-wear, jewellery, pictures and all kinds of bric-a-brac. The festival infrastructure includes parking and camping sites, showers and toilets. A shuttle bus from the train station in Himberg will drive directly to the festival grounds for those coming by public transport. The prices for the presale tickets are 60 Euros until 1st March, 70 Euros until 1st May and 80 Euros until 1st June. The festival pass is valid for six days. At the festival gates the tickets will cost 30 to 90 Euros according to the length of stay. Online-tickets are available at www.spirit-base.at. Further information and requests: Tom Rom (Press, PR, Partnerships and accreditations): Email: tomrom24@chello.at IceElfe (PR, Web PR), Email: psypartypromo@gmail.com Media downloads, more info, short text, web banners, flyers, logo, and photos are available on www.spirit-base.at. Filming permission only after agreement.
  4. SILVERSHIVA 31.12.2009 http://www.silvershiva.at This year - New Years Eve in Vienna gets a special new party concept in an extraordinary location! A big castle in the city of Vienna! SPECIALS: 2 FLOORS // CHILLOUT // IN&OUTDOOR VISUALS // LASERSHOW // VISUALS // COUNTDOWN SHOW Progressive / Psytrance Floor Live Hujaboy (Tip World) Israel Alternative Control (Vision Quest) Serbien Egorythmia (iono records) Macedonia Midimal (Echoes Rec.) Schweiz We (Iono Rec.) Combinations - (Groove Criminals Rec.) Israel/ DJs Blue Grow (Iono Music) Mexico ] Maya (zero gravity / spirit sun ) Austria Sun Experience (zero gravity / spirit sun ) Austria T-Plax (Spirit Base) Austria Micl (Spirit Base) Austria Tapanov (Goaran Spirit Base) Mazedonien kiddaz.fm / electrobooking / plemplem AREA TECHNO // MINIMAL // ELECTRO Live ELECTROBUGZ (Level 75 Records) Paris/France DJs DJ EMERSON (KIDDAZ.FM) Berlin/Germany HOLGI STAR (KIDDAZ.FM / MICRO.FON) Berlin/Germany BONO GOLDBAUM (club plemplem / DRUMATIK:BOOKINGS) Berlin DANIEL MORGENSTERN (club plemplem) STEFAN RIESS HIRNCREME DJTEAM DJ FIGO Deco by CALAQUENDI (at) VIJAY SIKANDA he is famous for his projections in Austria but also internationally... but also his live visuals are among the best. he visualized some of the biggest psytrance parties and festivals in Austria and will also support this evening the DJs and live-acts with his skills. Visualizer Zoid (Bassisland Crew / Austria) He is an expert on huge projections on buildings but also works a lot with stills in the interior. He will decorate the whole castle with his huge projectors from outside and fill the floors with psychedelic patterns. Silvershiva - Tickets From Price 2009-12-01 19.00 € Presale: Eur. 19.- At the gates: Eur. 24.- Paper Tickets: 19, - presale tickets also available @ Jugendinfo Wien - Babenbergerstrasse 1 / Ecke Burgring How to get there: http://www.silvershiva.at/fileadmin/images/anfahrt.gif
  5. For the first time after the end of the Sonnenklang Festival in 2007 there will be an electronic music festival in the castle of Dobra in Lower Austria near Vienna again. With an new team of organizers and a new concept the location at the lake of Dobra will again be the meeting point for the trance-lovers from all over the world four days from 3rd until 6th September. For the first Samsara Festival „Samsara 1 – The Beginning“ more than 80 Live-Acts and DJs from Israel, South Africa, Russia and several European countries have been booked. Four stages will be set up around the castle of Dobra. Apart from the main stage located at the lake, there will be a Beatpatrol Stage in the castle, a Spirit Base Stage as well as a Chill-Out area. The range of music will include psytrance, progressive trance, minimal trance, techno and ambient. Many famous names can be found in the line-up: Astral Projection from Israel, Logic Bomb from Sweden, Talamasca and Absolum from France and some Live-Acts from South Africa. Several teams of light artists will create a magic world of colours in the castle of Dobra that has never been seen again in Austria since the last Sonnenklang festival. Many decoration artists will be responsible for the fascinating art objects. Performances with aliens and fairy characters will provide close encounters of the fantastic kind. A multi-colour-laser will create impressions of a space-ship taking off. Energized free drinking water and fresh fruits will be served as well as a camping ground and a market area. Presale has already started. Tickets are available at www.samsara-festival.com.
  6. Welcome to the SPIRIT BASE FESTIVAL! 10.-14.06.2009 http://www.spirit-base.at Austrias biggest international psytrance- and progressive festival goes to round 6th and this year the line-up can cope with the biggest international festivals! This year’s motto: "FATA MORGANA" LOCATION: "Sandgrube Rauchenwarth" Sandgrube Rauchenwarth Only 15 km from Vienna 2320 Rauchenwarth Lineup Live: VIBE TRIBE (PHÖNIX REC) Isr. ALTERNATIVE CONTROL (Vision Quest) Ser. SPACE CAT (Hommega Rec.) Isr. PSYSEX (Hommega Rec.) Isr. NAKED TOURIST (Parvati Rec.) Ger. ATRIOHM (Parvati Rec.) - MK. PERPLEX (Spun Records) Isr. ROCKY (Chemical Crew) Isr. DELYSID (Noize Conspiracy) Braz. COMBINATIONS - (Groove Criminals Rec.) Isr/At. JEY&EX (Iboga Mexico) Mex. HANEMA (Iboga Mexico) Mex. DUCA (Tribal Vision) Ser. SYMPHONIX (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ger. HALDOLIUM (Plusquam Records) Ger. IBOJIMA (Millenium Rec.) Swe. AEROSPACE (Spintwist Rec.) Isr. NEELIX (Millenium Rec.) Ger. SHIVA SHANDRA (Spintwist Rec.) Ger. DANNY K (BNE) Isr. PTX (NOYA REC.) Isr. AFTERMATH (Noize Conspiracy) Braz. RITMO (Iono Music) Isr. PHAXE (Iono Music) Den. MAGNETRIXX (Spintwist Rec.) Ger. AUDIOMATIC (Spintwist Rec.) Ger. AUDIOMATRIX (Spintwist Rec.) Ger. SUNTREE (Iono Music) Isr. ZYCE (Synergetic Rec.) Ser. NOIZE HUNTER (AS Rec.) At. KAJOLA (Zero Gravity Rec.) At. line up is closed DJ: Jiser & Xahno Iboga Mexico) Mex. Montagu & Golkonda ( blue tunes rec.) Ger. B52 (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ch. Shybe (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ch. Fabio (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ger. Aerospace (Spintwist Rec.) Isr. Perplex (Spun Records) Isr. Rocky (Chemical Crew) Isr. PTX (NOYA REC.) Isr. Dj Murus (Iono Music) Ger. Dj Slater (Tribal Vision Rec.) Cz Dj ELFabio (Midijum Records) Ger. Dj ACAN (Synergetic Rec.) At. Dj Manoo (Zero Gravity Rec.) At. Dj Horizon (Cosmixed Society) USA. Dj PROGRESSOR (Psylence) At. Dj Goad (Profusion) At. Dj 8ZACK (United Fraggles) At. Dj CRAZY FRAGGLE (United Fraggles) At. Dj ROTAMA - Groove Criminals Dj THE DREAMING ALCHEMIST (Bass Island, Psytasia) At. Dj T-Plax (Progressive Club) At. Dj Micl (Progressive Club) At. Dj George Van Hoovek (Spirit Base) At. Djane LEILA 604 (movement) At. Dj Nono (movement) At. Dj Goagnom (pirate tribe) At. Dj TOMMES (unisono) At. Dj TOMI (Spacelords) At. Dj DA RAY (Supersane Collective) At. Dj GOANDI (Next Time Production) At. Dj FADE FX (Supersane Collektive) At. line up is closed Decoration: CALAQUENDI (at) BLOCHI (at) SINUS (at) Moving images are hosted by the OPTICAL MATRIX CREW: the "optical matrix crew" stands for moving visuals on the highest level. Internationally - Austria is known best for its visuals in the psy scene.... VJs: El Geko (optical matrix) booked worldwide he travels around from festival to festival and is one of the most wanted visual-artists internationally. if you have not seen his work, you should check out Austria’s most famous export of the psy-szene... The funny Astronaut (optical matrix) having visualized the biggest events and festivals here in Austria and his work also spreads out internationally. On his forth Spirit Base Festival he has become one of the residents of the festival. Fade FX (Optical Matrix / Supersane collective) He is one of the most wanted VJs here in Austria. he prepared a lot of new material to impress the audience with his skills! Mind-blowing projections by SIKANDA: Something nearly everybody who was on the Spirit Base the last years remembers are his projections! Over the years the Egyptian sphinxes, Maya temples and psychedelic patterns have become a very important part of the Spirit Base . We are very happy that he is a part of the festival again. Expect astonishing multi-projector projections that will cover huge areas around the dance floor! TICKETS: Presale 16.03.09-01.04.09 - 50€ 01.04.09-01.05.09 - 55€ 01.05.09-01.06.09 - 60€ At the doors: Mi. 10.06 ab 09.00h – So 14.06 - 80€ Do. 11.06 ab 09.00h - So 14.06 - 60€ Fr. 21.06 ab 09.00h - So 14.06 - 40€ Sa. 22.06 ab 09.00h – So 14.06 - 25€
  7. LIVE ACTS in alphabetical order Alternative Control (Vision Quest) Serbia Audiomatic (Spintwist Records) Germany Brisker & Magitman (Tribal Vision Records) Israel Combinations (Groove Criminals/Turbo Trance Records) Israel/Austria Day.Din (Spintwist Rec.) Germany Delysid (Noize Conspiracy Records) Brazil Desert Vortex (Movement) Austria Digicult (Dacru Records) Belgium Fatali (BNE) Israel Feuerhake (Synergetic Records Germany Human Traffic (Blue Tunes) Germany Ibojima (Millenium Records) Sweden Ix-Lam-At (Iono Records) Mexico Jey & eX. (Iboga Mexico) Mexico Klopfgeister (Iono Records) Germany Materia (24/7 Media) Austria Neelix (Sinn Tec Records) Germany Odiseo (Iboga Mexico) Mexico Perplex (Spun Records Ibiza) Israel Phanatic (Utopia Records) Israel Pixel (Hommega) Israel Pop Stream (Vision Quest Records) Israel Rocky (Chemical Crew) Israel S - Range (Spiral Trax) France Sangeet (Transient Records) Germany Shiva Chandra (Spintwist Records) Germany SKI FI (Iboga Mexico) Mexico Slider (Noya Records) Israel Symphonix (Blue Tunes) Germany Talamasca (Mindcontrol Records) France Tranan aka Logic Bomb (TipWorld) Sweden Trancemission (Iboga Mexico) Mexico True Lies (Blue Tunes) Germany Vaishiyas (Spintwist Records) Germany V-Tunes (Domo Records) Switzerland DJS in alphabetical order 8zack (8zack.org) Austria Acan (Synergetic Records) Austria Alpha (Interzone-pa) Germany Alternative Control (Vision Quest Records) Serbia Beauty & the Beat (Waldfrieden / SOG / Tribal Vision) Germany BuzzT (Psynema) Combinations (Groove Criminals / Turbo Trance Records) Israel/Austria Da Ray (Klangzirkus / Supersane Collective) Austria Delysid (Noize Conspiracy) Brazil Djane Gaby (Independent) Slovenia DJane Trickit (EchoPlast Recordings) Israel El-Fabio (Midijum Records) Germany F.l.u.x. (Dezign Music/Synergy Tribe) Germany Fatali (BNE) Israel Feuerhake (Synergetic Records) Germany Gobayashi (Astralzone) Austria Ibojima (Millenium Records) Sweden Jiser vs Xahno (Iboga Mexico) Mexico Klopfgeister (Iono Records) Germany Mapusa Mapusa (Blue Tunes Records) Germany Materia (24/7 Media) Austria Mikadho (Y.S.E. / Chaishop.com) Germany Montagu & Golkonda (Blue Tunes Records) Germany Nemesis (Dacru Records) Belgium Odiseo (Iboga Mexico) Mexico Osho (Echoes Records) Israel Pena (Flow Records) Portugal Perplex (Spun Records Ibiza) Israel Phanatic (Utopia Records) Israel Pop Stream (Vision Quest Records) Israel Rocky (Chemical Crew) Israel Roman Rai (Tribal Vision) Czech Republic S - Range (Spiral Trax) France Sam @ chaishop.com (Chaishop.com) Germany Sangeet (Transient Records) Germany Slater (Tribal Vision) Czech Republic Slider (Noya Records) Israel Stomas (Liquid & Solid Records) Serbia Talamasca (Mindcontrol Records) France Tranan aka Logic Bomb (TipWorld) Sweden Vanja (Candyflip Records) Macedonia Virus (Mind Evolution) Austria V-Tunes (Domo Records) Switzerland DJS CHILL-OUT in alphabetical order Andisan (Deep Brush Corp) Austria ArcTara (Astralzone) Austria Codem (Deep Brush Corporation) Austria Cosmic Sada Shiva (Deep Brush Corporation) Austria Gobayashi (Astralzone) Austria Nicoletta (Independent Universe) Austria DECORATION ARTISTS in alphabetical order: AGNI (CirKas Visuell) Austria BLOCHI Austria CALAQUENDI WICHTLGSICHTL Austria UFO-unbelievable floating objects by Alfredo VJS in alphabetical order: DER LUSTIGE ASTRONAUT (Optical Matrix, Apocalyptic) Austria EL GEKO Austria FADEFX (Optical Matrix / Supersane Collective) Austria SIKANDA VISIONAUTICA (Optical Matrix) Austria
  8. Spirit Base Festival 2008 19.06.2008 - 23.06.2008 Austria, Open Air Sandgrube (sand quarry) Rauchenwarth (2320 Rauchenwarth, Austria only 15 km from Vienna OPEN AIR Start: Thursday, 19.06.2008, 2 pm End: Monday, 23.06.2008, 8 pm The Spirit Base Festivalwhich will take place fort he 6th time in 2008, will be Austria’s biggest Trance Festival in summer 2008. The „desert goa“ will take place from 19th till 23rd June in Rauchenwarth (Federal province of Lower Austria, located nearby Vienna) invites you to join the journey to the ancient cultures of Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayas and Incas. This year’s motto is „Desert Journey to Ancient Cultures“ Mystical decorations, palm trees, backlight installations, huge projections and a Maya temple are the settings for a parallel universe from are this year’s settings for a parallel universe from the star gate world. 36 live-acts and 43 DJs from Europe, Israel, Brazil and Mexico will guarantee for 5-days-non-stop sound on the two dancefloors, including worldwide known acts and DJs like Talamasca, Ibojima, S-Range, Alpha and Sangeet but also upcoming national artists. On two stages psytrance, full-on, offbeat and progressive trance will be played as well as ambient in the biggest Austrian Chill out tent the “Deep Space Zoon” For the setting of the location, 4 decoration teams and visualisation artists like El Geko, The Funny Astronaut, Fade X and Sikanda are responsible. Like every year there will be fire shows, different performances, workshops and many surprises. Numerous visitors from Austria and all other countries of the world are expected to attend the festival. Apart from a huge parking and camping area with showers and toilets there will be a separate market area for party-wear, bars, restaurants and tents. The prices for presale tickets are as follows: 55 euros until 1st May, 60 euros until 1st June. The tickets are available at http://www.spirit-base.at Tickets at the festival doors (for one night up to 5 days) will cost between 15 and 70 euros. From 19.06.08 (09.00) - 23.06. 70 EUR From 20.06.08. (09.00) - 23.06. 55 EUR From 21.06.08. (09.00) - 23.06. 40 EUR From 22.06.08 (09.00) - 23.06. 15 EUR If you come from Eastern European Countries like Hungary, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Kroatia, Slovenia, etc. you will get a 25% reduction of the entrance fee when you show your passport @ the entry! For Information please contact: Tom Rom (Press, PR, cooperations and accreditations) tomrom24@chello.at IceElfe (PR, Web-PR) psypartypromo@gmail.com Press Releases, web-banner, flyer, pictures and other downloads @ http://www.spirit-base.at Permission to film, take videos and shoot only after agreement. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.spirit-base.at http://www.psy604.com http://www.myspace.com/iceelfe http://www.myspace.com/spiritbasefestival
  9. START: 06.09.2007, 15:00 h END: 09.09.2007, 12:00 h Dobra / Austria Open Air PRESALE TICKETS are now available @ Online Presale Online Kartenvorverkauf or @ the following shops: www.aurinshop.at www.bushdoctor.at www.bushplanet.at www.indras-planet.at www.inandout.at www.otherland.at www.monitor-records.at For general infos please contact: info@sonnenklang.at For press/promotional infos please contact: pr@sonnenklang.at www.sonnenklang.at/07/index07.htm www.myspace.com/sonnenklang
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