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  1. ***SILVERSHIVA im MEMBRAN*** Wien | FR, 31.12.2010.-SA, 01.01.2011 | 22:00-12:00 | More Info: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/49353 www.membran-events.at CLUB MEMBRAN Baudißgasse 10 1110 Wien LIVE ACTS: Digital Talk (Hadra Records) France Psilocybe Project (Namaha Records) Portugal DJs: Blue Grow (Iono Music) Mexico Alezzaro (Progressive Selection) Austria Tapanov (Spirit-Base) Austria Pinocio (Lucid Dreams) Austria Scanzy (Independent) Austria Progressor (Psylence/S.O.L.) Austria Mahodin (Timetheatre) Austria 2nd Floor hosted
  2. ***BEATPATROL FESTIVAL*PSYTRANCE STAGE*HOSTED BY SAMSARA*** START: FRIDAY, 23. July 2010, 22:00 h END: SUNDAY, 25. July 2010, 12:00 h VAZ - St.Pölten Kelsengasse 9 A-3100 St.Pölten http://www.beatpatrol.at http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/51524 http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=284623610377&index=1 http://www.facebook.com/pages/BEATPATROL-ESTIVAL/85141284940#!/event.php?eid=284623610377&index=1 LINE UP – LIVE ACTS: ASTRAL PROJECTION Trust in Trance // Israel TALAMASCA Mindcontrol Records // France ELECTRIC UNIVERSE Electric Universe Records // Germany PEN
  3. Press Release Spirit Base Festival Rauchenwarth/Vienna/Austria Spirit Base: The biggest Trance Event in Europe in Spring 2010 A six Days Festival called “Desert Trip” Vienna/Austria, March 2010 - "Desert Trip" is the motto of Spirit Base Festival 2010, the biggest and longest Trance festival in Europe, which will take place from June 2 - 7 2010 in Rauchenwarth, a small village in Lower Austria, located 15 kilometres from Vienna. Like in 2009, thousands of fans from Austria and all over the world are expected to dive into the wonder-world of music, colours, fantasy and colourful proje
  4. SILVERSHIVA 31.12.2009 http://www.silvershiva.at This year - New Years Eve in Vienna gets a special new party concept in an extraordinary location! A big castle in the city of Vienna! SPECIALS: 2 FLOORS // CHILLOUT // IN&OUTDOOR VISUALS // LASERSHOW // VISUALS // COUNTDOWN SHOW Progressive / Psytrance Floor Live Hujaboy (Tip World) Israel Alternative Control (Vision Quest) Serbien Egorythmia (iono records) Macedonia Midimal (Echoes Rec.) Schweiz We (Iono Rec.) Combinations - (Groove Criminals Rec.) Israel/ DJs Blue Grow (Iono Music) Mexico ] Maya (zero gravity / spirit s
  5. For the first time after the end of the Sonnenklang Festival in 2007 there will be an electronic music festival in the castle of Dobra in Lower Austria near Vienna again. With an new team of organizers and a new concept the location at the lake of Dobra will again be the meeting point for the trance-lovers from all over the world four days from 3rd until 6th September. For the first Samsara Festival „Samsara 1 – The Beginning“ more than 80 Live-Acts and DJs from Israel, South Africa, Russia and several European countries have been booked. Four stages will be set up around the castle of Dobra.
  6. Welcome to the SPIRIT BASE FESTIVAL! 10.-14.06.2009 http://www.spirit-base.at Austrias biggest international psytrance- and progressive festival goes to round 6th and this year the line-up can cope with the biggest international festivals! This year’s motto: "FATA MORGANA" LOCATION: "Sandgrube Rauchenwarth" Sandgrube Rauchenwarth Only 15 km from Vienna 2320 Rauchenwarth Lineup Live: VIBE TRIBE (PHÖNIX REC) Isr. ALTERNATIVE CONTROL (Vision Quest) Ser. SPACE CAT (Hommega Rec.) Isr. PSYSEX (Hommega Rec.) Isr. NAKED TOURIST (Parvati Rec.) G
  7. LIVE ACTS in alphabetical order Alternative Control (Vision Quest) Serbia Audiomatic (Spintwist Records) Germany Brisker & Magitman (Tribal Vision Records) Israel Combinations (Groove Criminals/Turbo Trance Records) Israel/Austria Day.Din (Spintwist Rec.) Germany Delysid (Noize Conspiracy Records) Brazil Desert Vortex (Movement) Austria Digicult (Dacru Records) Belgium Fatali (BNE) Israel Feuerhake (Synergetic Records Germany Human Traffic (Blue Tunes) Germany Ibojima (Millenium Records) Sweden Ix-Lam-At (Iono Records) Mexico Jey & eX. (Iboga Mexi
  8. Spirit Base Festival 2008 19.06.2008 - 23.06.2008 Austria, Open Air Sandgrube (sand quarry) Rauchenwarth (2320 Rauchenwarth, Austria only 15 km from Vienna OPEN AIR Start: Thursday, 19.06.2008, 2 pm End: Monday, 23.06.2008, 8 pm The Spirit Base Festivalwhich will take place fort he 6th time in 2008, will be Austria’s biggest Trance Festival in summer 2008. The „desert goa“ will take place from 19th till 23rd June in Rauchenwarth (Federal province of Lower Austria, located nearby Vienna) invites you to join the journey to the ancient cultures of Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayas and Inca
  9. START: 06.09.2007, 15:00 h END: 09.09.2007, 12:00 h Dobra / Austria Open Air PRESALE TICKETS are now available @ Online Presale Online Kartenvorverkauf or @ the following shops: www.aurinshop.at www.bushdoctor.at www.bushplanet.at www.indras-planet.at www.inandout.at www.otherland.at www.monitor-records.at For general infos please contact: info@sonnenklang.at For press/promotional infos please contact: pr@sonnenklang.at www.sonnenklang.at/07/index07.htm www.myspace.com/sonnenklang
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