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  1. On October 8, 2016 at 4:49 PM, healium said:

    He should do another Distant System album - that was a truly unique and memorable work..

    This site will not allow me to insert an active link with iOS but below is a link to the second DS full-length album.



  2. Well, I can't speak for the artists who did the work in the links you posted, but I was inspired by the original artwork by Stanley Mouse.  I grew up seeing Mouse's artwork on albums covers for bands like Journey, whose music didn't resonate with me, but the vinyl album covers were mesmerizing and ultimately influential. The 2-hour mix features a lot of tracks from my 2014 "Imbue" album. On the back of the CD album cover also features a winged scarab painted by my friend, artist Jack Shure. He was inspired by Stanley Mouse, as well. Mouse was inspired by Egyptian symbology and the mythos of Khepri.



  3. GRUMPY_ROBOT_OUT_NOW.thumb.jpg.4a3320f8e30e61a312a0fded55dae27c.jpg


    Androcell - Grumpy Robot EP
    1. Grumpy Robot  - 9:07
    2. Blistering Transistors - 8:05
    3. Times Keeps Slipping - 8:35

    Released August 8, 2018
    All tracks written and produced by Tyler Smith at Androcell Studio, USA.
    Mastered by Colin Bennun at Stooodio Mastering - Bristol, UK
    Cover Artwork + Design by Tyler Smith.
    © Androcell 2018. All rights reserved.
    All rights of the owner of this recorded work reserved.

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  4. That's great news, looking forward to it,

    cause to be honest, I don't give much attention to EP especially when it comes to psyambient or psydub (call it what you want :) )

    I prefer ambient cds that contain a certain story, that I can relax on with my headphones, closing my eyes for the next hour if you know what I mean...


    Even now when I'm listening to your soundcloudes, I can't properly judge, It's like, that not how it works for me.

    I want it on my headphones, no cellphone, no computer, not answering the door, just me and the music, and then I know if the music works.


    I can easily judge a full melodic or powerfull track through youtube knowing it'll do it's work later, but with ambient, it's harder...


    Don't get me wrong It's great your posting the soundcloudes :), thanx btw!


    You are welcome.


    I see that you have preconceived notions of what constitutes an "EP".


    The "Enytheomythic Remixed" EP release will be 7 tracks, totaling over an hour and all tracks will be mixed together to create a seamless journey, like the rest of the past releases I have put out. By some standards, it is an "album" more than an EP.


    I call it "music" and one either likes it or not. It is always that simple. ;)

  5. Hello!


    Unmastered samples of the new Androcell "Entheomythic Remixed" EP remixes are now up at Soundcloud. These are just some tasters for now as a little more work is needed. If you are a fan who uses facebook and intend to show your support with this release then PLEASE be sure to cast your 'music format' vote on the top (left) post of the Androcell facebook page. If there seems to be enough demand I will make a CD version of this release. Thank you! ^_^


    Androcell - Desert Nomad (remix) *2 min unmastered teaser* Album: Entheomythic Remixed


    Androcell - Mysterious Union (remix) *2 min unmastered teaser* Album: Entheomythic Remixed


    Androcell - Synchromystic (remix) *2 min unmastered teaser* Album: Entheomythic Remixed


    Androcell - Endless Wonder (remix) *2 min unmastered teaser* Album: Entheomythic Remixed


    Androcell - Dub Ripples (final mix) *2 min unmastered teaser* Album: Entheomythic Remixed


    Androcell - Dub Gardens (remix) *2 min unmastered teaser* Album: Entheomythic Remixed


    Androcell - Dub Gardens (ambient remix) *2 min unmastered teaser* Album: Entheomythic Remixed

  6. For your listening pleasure. ;)



    Artist: Androcell

    Track: Mysterious Union (remix)

    Remixed by Androcell


    160kbps MP3 streaming sample. Unmastered.






    Artist: Androcell

    Track: Dub Ripples


    160kbps MP3 streaming sample.


  7. I guess I'm gonna have to be the odd one out here and say that this album definitely deserves its place next to Emotivision, Efflorescence, and Spiral Empire.


    Initially I was in agreement with the general consensus that this album seems a little too generic and Shpongle-ese to deserve a high rating, but now that I've listened to it and chilled out with it a good number of times, I have to say that this one can really grow on you if you let it.

    It's too bad that if an artist makes a psychill album these days that they have to be inevitably compared to Shpongle.


    The bass is the highlight feature of the whole album for me; it is so deep, hypnotic, chilled-out funky, and infectious. It holds the whole thing together; it is the heart of Entheomythic.


    This album has more of a night-time sound than his other works, with more meandering melodies and a darker vibe. It may initially leave you craving more of his brighter stuff, but let it grow on you, get in the mood, and judge it on its own merit; you just might come to the same conclusion as me: this one is a keeper! Perfect for late-night relaxing and journeying.


    Thank you, Dreamwalker. :)


    For those of you who may not know, you can still pick up this album direct from the me on CD or digital download (uncompressed .wav or 320kbps MP3)


    All info here:



    Also, for those who may be wondering about Distant System, I am currently working on new DS material and have launched http://www.distantsystem.info as the new, official artist website.


    Digital downloads of Distant System music are available there as well.


    My humble thanks to you all for your continued support! ;)


    Peace and frequencies,


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