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Dogmatic & Voyi (b2b)- Progressive Psytrance Mix @ Szigetujfalu, Hungary, 2012

DJ Voyi

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This time, I would like to share one of the earlier mixes from 2012, when I was still living in Hungary (I moved to the UK later this year)  and tend to play music with my good friend, Dogmatic. So we have decided one day that why not record our dj set and share it with  people whoever is into this progressive psytrance thing. :)  







1. Mindwave - Believe

2. Echotek - Long days

3. Solano - Drive Through

4. Invisible Reality - Obsessive (Zyce & Flegma remix)

5. Motion Drive - Simulated Expirience

6. E-clip - Synthetic Life

7. Sideform - Shiva

8. Flegma & Nerso - Sonic Manipulation (Liquid Space remix)

9. Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights

10. Liquid Soul - Devotion

11. Liquid Soul Unannounced Portal

12. Ovnimoon & Protonica - Eight K Miles

13. Zyce - Basic Remix

14. Protonica - Upstream (Solar Sound Network remix)

15. E-clip - Reactor

16. Ovnimoon - Sunset (Nerso remix)

17. Ovnimoon - The Liberation

18. Aho - Soldier Of Shiva

19. Egorythmia - Past Future Present

20. Gaudium - Scandonavian (Double click remix) 21. Protonica - Floating Pont (Morning mix)

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