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DNAprocess - Ancient Codes EP (Divine Magic Theory records)

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Hello space travellers,

We are Divine Magic Theory, a psychedelic trance music label and event organisation based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Our journey started in 2015 and it was inspired by sacred rhythms and healing frequencies.  Join us and we will lead you to unexplored corners of the YOUniverse.

Divine Magic Theory - follow us on Facebook





Divine Magic Theory is happy to present a forest psychedelic trance EP "Ancient Codes"  by our artist DNAprocess.
With this dark and tribal sounds you will feel how the unconscious becomes conscious and activates your mind to a higher potential.

Let these deep psychedelic grooves enable you to enter the altered states of your mind.

Expect a mixture of influences, from groovy basslines and unpredictable leads to deep shamanic storytelling and otherworldly atmospheres.




You can listen online on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming platforms: 

DNAprocess - Ancient Codes


You can support the artist on Bandcamp:

DNAprocess Bandcamp


Follow DNAprocess for more dark psychedelic music:

DNAprocess Facebook

DNAprocess Soundcloud



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