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VA "Psychedelic Depths" vol. 2 compiled by Cybered


1.Scream of Consciousness - Gargles of Blood (intro) 04:27

2.Infralogica - Implicit Impact 07:20

3.Himmelkompass - Gargantua 07:04

4.Mediatec - Nervus Vagus 06:18

5.Cold Project - It's me again 10:06

6.Cybered - Sandal 07:11

7.Progus - Revelation 09:03

8.Aquya - Frenetic Call 08:07

9.Inner Time - Atma 07:46

10.Myst - Just Press Play 07:33

11.Neoris - I Wasnt Built to Dance 07:50

12.Moebius - Cross Fade 07:54


Manifold Studio is proud to present the next part of amazing compilation “Psychedelic depths vol. 2”

Welcome to robotecque 2019! The latest developments in AI were used for the androids, and their mental software is so advanced that they can trip. Look at them! Robots are high, happy, and dancing! With every new track, their self learning universal mind is evolving and changing the moves, too. It’s all psytechy, and at some point their bodies start flashing and bursting! The music is still on, androids are dancing in the dark, and chromium-plated details are randomly falling to the floor. Meanwhile, small vacuum-cleaning robots are zigzagging around their feet and hoovering the leftovers of partying androids. Cutting edge psytechnologies! And funny) Wanna know the end of the story? Enjoy the compilation!

Psychedelic depths vol. 2 compiled by Edward Cybered

All tracks written and produced by:
1. Vlad Radostavin, Marin J Cooke
2. Alexey Kovalev
3. Alex Volkov
4. Vladimir Belyakov
5. Ian Jukes
6. Edward Cybered
7. Yosef Amirov
8. Oliver Hallik
9. Artem Zaytsev
10. Mikhail Stepanenko
11. Kirill Shustov
12. Christian Spudat


• Download and listen this release from our label's store:


Amzing review of VA by Tatyana Zaytseva www.facebook.com/tanya.zzza
Mastered at Manifold Mastering Studio manifold-studio.com/eng/
Cover art by Alex Volkov www.facebook.com/Kadasarva

December 2019 / Manifold Studio manifoldstudio.bandcamp.com
Compiled by Edward Cybered www.facebook.com/edwardcybered/  


released December 2, 2019


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