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Mindbenderz, Tribalism

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Hi All,

First review on here and first for a while full stop as I used to review psy trance 20 odd years ago!

So got a selection of new albums through today, so Tribalism catches my eye.

First track, we’re on a solid 137bpm, 8 minute track and we have all the usual psy trance markers, rumbling driving bass, scrunching and synths.  Even some nice talking voice samples and some 303 style squelching. Nice break down at 3.30 left to go giving a euphoric goa feel to it.  To say it’s average is a little harsh but it’s not pulling anything new out the bag.  At this point I’m looking to see what else I can put on but thought I’d give it a chance.

From here it got stronger, a lot stronger in my humble opinion.  There is a rally good balance of dark driving psy at around that 140bpm and euphoric party vibe.  The first half of 2 and three are again solid like the first track but after halfway they really deliver.  

Personally I like a nice beak down and this album delivers them in plenty.  Track 2 breaks down to a nice guitar style riff that takes you back into the driving bass but more punchy than before. I’m glad I gave it the chance!

3 is another similar track solid first part but the end just builds beautifully.

Track 4, epic.  Clearly it impressed me.  Has floor filler written over it. Punchy bass line, lovely progressive build, great percussive touches, and then it levels out in the middle to come to a divine break down.  But then the build up is a beautiful construction using all the samples gone before to lead the dance floor into a frenzy as it drops the beat once more.

5 is again a good track good feathered female vocals, sampling and following now a familiar but well delivered format.  This is a bit more goa style with sailing melodies and less of the dark elements of the previous tracks.

6 and 7 I thought were good but similar to the first track in not giving me enough originality.

8 and 9 though are back on it. 

All in all an exciting album and one I thought worth shouting about.





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