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Ciàlis vs Kamàgra | Pandemic Of Psychedelia - FDLR Podcast 014 | 150 BPM

FusionDeLic Records

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Ciàlis and Kamàgra are B2B units participating in Toh-Shiva project. 
This Dj set image of midnight at the dope forest.
Good listen Happy people :)

FusionDeLic Records Podcast 014

track list
Fuzulu - Illusion Spark - Fractal Nebula Records
Krapul - The Nocturnal Expedition 
Krapul & Dhatri - Awareness
Antonymous - 4rth-kind - Alice D Records
Elwood & Awwen - Misteries - D Noir Records
Medhorium ft.Jairam - I Wanna - Alice D Records
Noitrik - Mutant Mantra - Alice D Records
D.O.C. - Aboriginal - D Noir Records
Synthalienz - Ghost Town - Psynon Records
Aurokarya - After The Storm - Psynon Records
Sativa -Gnomo - Psynon Records
Ulave - Atypical GlowUNV4 - Alice D Records
Hooryama & Enok - Fly Down - D Noir Records
Futuro - Om Namah Shivaya - Parvati Records


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