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Ciàlis vs Kamàgra | Darkness At The Forest - FDLR Podcast 013 | 150 BPM

FusionDeLic Records

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Hello , freaks!!


Ciàlis and Kamàgra are B2B units participating in Toh-Shiva project. 
This Dj set image of midnight at the forest.
Good listen Happy people :)


Mendrion - Owl Cave - Forest Spirit Records
WindowpaiN - The Three Crocos - Indali Records
Critter - Sewer Trooper - Woo-dog Recordings
ZzBing - Barak Matter - Woo-dog Recordings
Daksha - The Dough - Vantara Vichitra Records
Aranyo - Eternal - Omveda Records
Elf De La Nooi - Supernatural Order - Sangoma Records
Mark Day - Ruckkehrunruhe - Hypnotique Recordings
Argaleth, Fafazz , Meerkut - Net Work Of Energy - Hypnotique Recordings
Daksha - Silicone Carne - Vantara Vichitra Records
Sychoplasm - Maestro Twisted Brain - Woo-dog Recordings
Krosis - Ancient Agnostic - Woo-dog Recordings
Banjhks - The Language Of Spirit Plants - Hypnotique Recordings
Dr Fractal - Fragment Of The Universe - Namaste Records

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