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3 new AWESOME samplepacks at Ocean Swift!

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JUST RELEASED !!! 3 new AWESOME samplepacks at Ocean Swift Synthesis !!!! Grab them now and enjoy our sounds!!!! <3 <3 <3





OS Drone Tones Sample Pack - Just 5e!

Deep tones, carpets, warp drives, wormholes, industrial noises and various other colors of sound provide an awesome pallette of drones to layer and fuze into your music and soundscapes. Sampled from our very own Ocean Swift drone devices - Aeolian Harp, Didgeridreamer, Shruti Box, Formula X and Wind Filter as well as from an assortment of externally recorded ambience and sounds.



Pool N Gym Percs and Tings - Just 5e!

A sample session at the gym, during renovations. Various pieces of wood, metal and plastic kling and klang against each other, the walls and the floor. Weights, balls, rods, hammers, tools, water, shouts and more neatly cut and smoothly edited to form a collection of quirky and unique percussive tones!



Porn Percs - FREE!!!

A collection of short percy hits, stabs and shall we say "effects" sampled from random porn flicks. Jokes aside, these are actually great as percussions and with some crazy delay effects - try it out!

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