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Music Production Lessons Annoucement

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Hello There,

I am "Dirty Hippy" (Daniel Swain) from London. I am a music producer and I’ve been touring the world
with my psytrance project for over 10 years now. I’m also signed with the Berlin based record company
Zenon Records since 2010. Besides touring and composing, I also help others with private, online,
one on one classes in the production of psychedelic electronic music.

I’ve played at big name festivals such as : Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary),
Lost Theory (Croatia), Sun Festival (Hungary), Earth Core (Australia), Rainbow Serpent (Australia)
and many many more.

I have played my hand crafted sonic constructions to crowds of over a thousand people and know all
the tricks and secrets in creating those crystal clear thunderous bass lines, glitchy effects and
groovy beats and percussion.

You can hear my music at: https://soundcloud.com/dirty-hippy-1

or visit youtube.

My classes reveal all in the making of cutting edge psychedelic music production.

I give free of charge to my students all the samples and software needed to start making
their own music.

If interested, please email me and we can discuss further the details of your first lesson.


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